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How do you maintain good credit

how do you maintain good credit

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How much spend is good to maintain on cards in order to keep issuers happy?

My first priority is meeting minimum spend and the second priority is collecting whatever points/cashback is most valuable. However, this year I will have quite a bit of new cards and feel somewhat obligated to throw some spend at each issuer.


PRG (once I meet rest of new cards min spend this will be getting a lot of my spend to try to go for the $30k annual spend. i will need to decide if i should focus on PRG's 15k MR bonus or on the BA companion ticket at $30k spend)

MB Plat (met min spend, using this card for a lot of my heavier spending due to minimal effect on my utilization)

Delta Gold 6k (met spend, sock drawer)

Delta Plat 5k (waiting for new card, will be getting sock-drawered after i meet $1k spend)

SPG 5k (still working on min spend)

- will collapse the delta

card limits into SPG once my year is up; got them mainly for signup bonuses

Travel Rewards 1.5k (keeping for age of account only)

Alaska Air 5k (no min spend; i don't see myself using this card much, but need to see how much to put on the card to keep BofA happy enough for potential CLIs or future approvals)

- will probably not use the FIdelity card much (but curious how much is enough to just keep it active and maybe get auto-CLIs); this is the card that I want to use later on when i won't be traveling as much so it's a long term keeper, especially without AF.

BA (pending approval. 5k)

- if approved for BA, going to see if I am able to maintain the $30k spend for companion ticket and at year 2 either BA or CSP is getting shut down

Arrival World 5k

- i really like this card so want to keep it. it's my only World MasterCard

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