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How do you make a credit card

how do you make a credit card

Things You'll Need

Current billing statement


To make a payment online using your credit card, look at your current statement to locate the creditor's website address. Type that address into your browser's window, then click on the "Enter" button to go to that website.

After you are on the creditor's web site, you will need to access your account with a user name and a password. Make sure you write this information down in a safe place or remember it if you have a good memory.

When you are logged in, look for the area on the website that asks for the account number you want to make a payment on. Enter your account number from your current billing statement and then click "Enter." This will take you directly to your online billing statement.

On your online statement, there are options as to how you want to make your payment.

One of those options will allow you to pay by credit card. Choose the credit card you want to use and enter your card and verification numbers, which is on the front of your credit card.

Next, look at the options for the amount you want to pay with your credit card. Options are usually: "Current Amount Due," "Total Balance Due" or "Different Amount." Select one of those choices and enter the amount you want to pay. Now you will be asked to verify the payment you are about to make, and if all is correct, you should answer "Yes," then click "Enter."

After your payment has been successfully made, your creditor will give you a reference number for the payment you just made. Be sure to either print that page or write the reference number on your billing statement or some other place where you can refer to it later if you need to.

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