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How do you say extra credit in spanish

how do you say extra credit in spanish

EllyDicious wrote:

How to say formally these words/sentences?

- For example, when there's a formal invitation and you want to inform someone about a meeting.

Do you say "To acknowledge you " or "To inform " or we say just "Informing Mr. or Sir. ".

- How do you say "You are chosen/selected to be as one of the. " more formally?

- How do you say formally "you have the status of the co-organizer/sponsor in this meeting "

Also, do we say "Mr. Director John " or Director "Mr. John " ?

I'm a little unclear as to a few of these, but I'll do my best.

1) Dear Mr. John, please be advised that a meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday at 10.00 a.m.

If for any reason you are unable attend, please contact me by phone or e-mail at your earliest convenience. Yours etc.

2) You have been selected to represent.

3) Your function at the meeting will be to act as facilitator/chair/mediator/co-ordinator [ as the case may be ]

4) This would rather depend on the circumstances. Generally something like Mr. John, Director of Marketing, will chair the meeting. This assumes everyone already knows Mr. John.

Or, if you are introducing him personally Mr. John, our Director of Marketing [ or Mr.John, D of M for XYZ Corp.], will chair the meeting. This assumes that not everyone present knows him.

I'm sure others will have better ideas, but these will get you started. Good luck !

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