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How to unlock car door?

Here is a quick guide to open a locked car door to get you started. Don’t forget to check out our Locksmith directory if you need help to unlock car door.

Cars are an essential element of everyday life for millions of us, and without them we would find our lives much more difficult, and not to mention much more time consuming than normal. It does not matter whether you are using it to take your child to school and back, getting to and from your place of work, or simply for getting your shopping from the local store, a car is an essential piece of kit.

That being said, you do not usually realize just how important it is until you find that you cannot gain access to it because you have keys locked in car. A lot of people will have experienced the dread that comes with the realization that they have locked themselves out of their vehicle. This inconvenience may have come about due to misplacing the keys, having the keys stolen, or like thousands of people each year, they have locked the keys inside the vehicle. In this article, we will take a look at how you can unlock car door, when you have left your keys locked in car.

What to do if you find yourself locked out of your vehicle

If you do find yourself locked out of your car, there are some ways in which you can get back in to it. Locksmiths have a number of different pieces of equipment that they are able to use in order to open a car door. which is locked and the keys locked in car or are lost. There are at least 5 different tools that a locksmith might use in order to unlock car door without the key, including items know as an L tool, a J tool, a slim Jim, a horizontal hooked linkage tool and a long reach tool.

The problem with these tools is that without proper training they can do a lot of damage to the locks on your vehicle, so it makes sense to hire a professional locksmith to unlock car door who will know how to use them.

How to use the L tool

When armed with an L tool, the locksmith is able to gain entry to the locking rod, which is underneath the handle of the lock, and it will also give access to allow the locksmith to pull of push the cranks and pawls of the lock in order to allow them to open the doors.

How to use the J tool

The J tool is a useful piece of equipment, which allows the user to open the door by giving access to the lock button. The lock

button is the little button that is situated just inside the door, and the J tool allows the user to gain access to it via the gap between the window and the rubber edging that prevents water getting in.

How to unlock car door using the Slim Jim

You might well already be familiar with the tool known as a slim Jim, its uses and what it looks like. Even though it is a fairly simple item to use, as we mentioned above, if it is used incorrectly, it has the capacity to do a lot of damage, not only to the door but the vehicle as a whole. It is therefore, a piece of equipment that is best left in the hands of a professional. When using the slim Jim to unlock car door, the professional auto locksmith will insert the implement into the door of the car and with the cutouts at the bottom; push down on pawls of the lock.

Using the Hooked Horizontal Linkage tool

The horizontal hooked linkage tool is a piece of equipment, which allows the user to make use of the small sized hook on the end in order to catch on the horizontal locking rod, which will allow the user to move it to the unlocked position.

The Long Reach tool

At 6 foot long, the long reach tool really does live up to its name, and even though this is one piece of lock picking equipment that seems a bit on the large size, it can be quite useful in certain situations. If you have keys locked in car but one of the windows is open slightly, the locksmith can use the long reach tool in order to unlock the car door on the far side. This is a lot quicker and simpler than trying the other methods listed above.

In conclusion

As you can see, there are quite a lot of tools that can be used in order to gain access to a car which has been locked with the keys inside. A word of caution though, as good as these tools are, if they are not used in the correct way, they can cause damage, whereas, a trained locksmith can use them quickly and easily without causing any damage whatsoever. Alternatively, you can get a car key replaced. It is best to use a trained locksmith to make you a car key replacement or to unlock car door.

Here is a useful video to help you unlock car door

And as the saying goes – “Prevention is better than cure”, make sure you take extra care to not leave your keys locked in car. All it takes is a few seconds to check your keys before leaving the car.

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