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Credit check when renting a house

credit check when renting a house

Following are some important steps for Renting a House with No Credit Check

1. Look for houses in your price range and desired location by scouring "houses for rent" ads, online classifieds and looking for rental signs in your desired neighborhood.

2. Call about the houses that most interest you and find out more information, such as number of bedrooms, monthly utility costs, available amenities, required deposits and unique aspects of the house for rent.

3. Schedule appointments with landlords to visit the houses you would like to follow up about. Often, they will have a set time to show the house to prospective renters. Plant to come at the beginning of this time frame so as to get your application in ahead of the crowd and make the best possible impression.

4. Bring your identification, proof of income, rental history and a list of professional references with you when you look at the houses for rent.

5. Make a good impression on your future landlord. Dress respectfully, present yourself well, and most of all, let the landlord know that you

pay your rent on time and can afford the rent for the house. Ask if you can add to the landscaping by planting flowers--landlords love to know that their tenants will add to the property value and not detract from it.

6. Ask for an application. Fill it out and return it on the spot if possible. If there is a request for a credit report or credit check, politely ask if that could be waived if your rental history and income check out. Explain that you have some blips on your credit that you're working to repair and that you are an exemplary tenant and will keep the place in top shape and always pay on time.

7. Give the landlord your proof of income, rental history and references. Ask when you should expect to hear back and let him know that you're excited about renting the house. Believe it or not, many private landlords go with a "gut" feeling when choosing renters. Make a good first impression, and your credit check will likely be waived.

Margaret J · 6 years ago

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