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how will an eviction affect me

how does an eviction affect your credit

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Unfortunately, if you are the tenant, eviction is not so good for you. Not only will be you phsyically removed from the premises if you don't leave appropriately on your own accord, but you will also most likely owe the landlord any back rent that is upaid as well as any future monthsof rent you are obligated for that are unpaid and which the landlord could not mitigate via a quick re-let to the next tenant. You will also most likely be responsible for the legal costs of the eviction/court costs, etc. and if your landlord is a big company, this will likely effect your credit as well.

Incidentally, in Ohio, to bring an eviction action, the landlord must first serve the tenant with a three day notice to vacate (which does not include the day the notice was posted nor weekends or legal holidays). This notice must set forth the reason for the demand to vacate and also notify the tenant that:"You are being asked to leave the premises. If you do not leave, an eviction may be initiated against you. If you are in doubt regarding your legal rights and obligations as a tenant, it is recommended that you seek legal assistance." This gives the tenant to leave quietly if they dont' want the hastle and added expense of being evicted.

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