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How does car leasing work

how does car leasing work

About Your Car

In this section, we will help you understand how your car works. We assume that you know nothing about how a car works and provide clear, understandable explanations of the various systems that make up the modern automobile.

With this knowledge, you will able to spot symptoms before they become serious. It will help you know the type of repair you may need and help you to better communicate with your repair shop and understand the work your shop is recommending.

Engine: Including Block, Heads, Pistons & Valves
  • Cooling System: Including Radiator, Thermostat, Water Pump, Heater & Hoses
  • Ignition System: Includes Spark Plugs, Distributor, Ignition Wires & Coil
  • Automatic Transmissions: Understand the concepts behind what goes on inside these technological marvels and what goes into repairing them when they fail.
  • Brakes: Including Disk & Drum Brakes, Master Cylinder, Power Booster & Anti-lock Brakes
  • Wheel Alignment

    : With explanations of Caster, Camber, Toe-in along with other angles that are important to know about.

  • Hybrid Power Systems : A detailed look at these new propulsion systems to determine how they are able to get exceptional fuel economy and equally impressive control over tailpipe emissions.
  • Dashboard Gauges : A look at the gauges on your instrument panel and how to read them.
  • Air Conditioner: Including Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator & Receiver Dryer
  • Electrical Systems: Excellent courses on Electrical Fundamentals, Circuits, Controls and Electronics
  • Fuel System: Includes Carburetor, Fuel Injection, Fuel Pump & Fuel Filter
  • Emissions System: Including Catalytic converter, Air Pump, Oxygen Sensor, Computer & PCV Valve
  • Battery: A look at how they work and what can go wrong with them.
  • Starting System: Including the Battery, Starter, Ignition Switch & Neutral Safety Switch.
  • The Timing Belt: What They Do, What Happens when they Fail
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