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how does charge off affect credit

How much does chargeoff affect rating and.


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$700 charge off.

bottomline is that status will show paid in full - charged off

which as I understand is just as bad as charged off alone.

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parko03 04 Nov 2004

Exactly! which is the main reason for the goodwill letters. You write them and tell them exactly this and offer to pay with removal from credit reports. But do it in WRITING.

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I have sent a couple good will and settlement letters over the last few months all of

them ignored.

OC is VZ I am thinking that they are so big that they don't need to deal.

Only response I got from them was by calling. Now that I have re-focused their scanner on me I have I put myself at risk for a judgement?

Once again they are so big I don't see why they would waste the time. Unlike some CA who would need this amount to affect their bottom line.


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Guest_jeeptravel_* 04 Nov 2004

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