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How does credit card consolidation work

how does credit card consolidation work


Best Answer: I would suggest you try to find a local place where you can see someone face-to-face (as opposed to over the phone). A good, reputable non-profit is CCCS or Consumer Credit Counseling Services. They will set up an appointment with you and ask you to bring in a bunch of information: your last few pay stubs, all your bills and statements, a copy of your credit report (if you have one handy, if not, they can pull one), etc.

They will go over everything with you and let you know what they can do to help. They are not able to consolidate all bad debts, so be aware of that up front. They are nationally recognized, so they are able to negotiate pay offs for you as well as lower your interest rates on credit cards and the like. They can even change the terms (like the monthly payment). After they contact all your creditors, they take into account your monthly income and come up with a figure

that will not stretch your budget beyond what you can afford. They will ask you to make a monthly payment to them and then they will divy up the money to the proper people.

After a month or two, it will show up on your credit report that certain accounts are "in consolidation". That is not a bad thing per se. Creditors can at least see that you are taking responsibility.

CCCS might also ask that you make a small donation since they are a non-profit. They've been known to waive the fee if you absolutely cannot afford it. One important thing to remember is that you cannot default on your agreement. It looks really bad credit-wise if you do. so just make sure you're ready to embark on the repayment. The length of time really depends on the severity of the debt (which looks fairly bad) and how much your monthly payments are.

I hope that helps and I wish you the best!

Source(s): certified credit counselor

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