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How bad is foreclosure for your credit

how bad is foreclosure for your credit

DIY Help

Repair Bad Credit yourself with Bad-Credit-Advisor' Help

Yes, you can do it yourself. Getting help for bad credit has never been easy but you have to know where to look. There are plenty of predatory lenders targeting folks who need help, scam artists promising quick fix for bad credit, collection agencies with deceptive practices and debt consolidation loans that end up costing more than you owe before.

You need to educate yourself on where your FICO credit score range stands - is it good, low or very bad? Based on your credit score range, we'll suggest the steps you take to raise your FICO score.

Our site provides you with totally Free Access to a wealth of credit related content, forms, tools and calculators. We show you how to improve your bad credit step by step, reestablish your ability to borrow monies, how and where obtain loans, credit cards, mortgages and any other financing you would need.

We advise you how to establish your credit even if you never had a credit card or bank account, protect it and stay away from getting into bad credit. In short this is the comprehensive self help guide for bad credit.

Getting outside help

Going for credit counseling or debt consolidation for help

Most commonly available outside help for bad credit is Consumer Credit Counselors, Debt Consolidation Agencies and so on. Majority of people sign up with the these entities because they can enroll for Debt Consolidation Plan or Debt Management Program, and this is what most of CCCs and DCAs are mainly about. While often helpful for in bad credit situations, some of these organization use

unsavory practices and more concern with their own profits that with helping consumers. We have numerous pages dedicated to pro and cons of DMPs and explain in detail what to watch for and what to ask when considering enrollment. But again if done properly, DMP can be a great help for your bad credit. Credit counseling agencies offer educational materials and workshops, help you develop your budget or pay off your debt. Most agencies providing DMPs offer services nationwide thru out local offices or on the Internet.

But remember, the debt repayment plan doesn't erase your credit history neither it fixes it. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, bad information about your accounts can stay on your credit report for up to 7 years. Your creditors will continue to report on your accounts that are handled through a debt repayment plan.

Bankruptcy may be the only help

We wouldn't call it help, but sometimes this very last resort to get help for bad credit is the only option left. Make sure to read our short but comprehensive bankruptcy guide. Since the laws for declaring bankruptcy varies quite a bit from state to state, the best way is consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney with a good reputation. And remember that personal bankruptcy phenomena is so wide spread these days, it is becoming a national past time. what the hell, I need help for bad credit. let me declare bankruptcy. just going to a ball game or picnic. Well this is not a picnic. It will affect you and your credit in more ways than you think. If you do declare bankruptcy it will show up to 10 years on your credit report.

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