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How does divorce affect your credit

how does divorce affect your credit


Best Answer: In the course of your marriage, you most likely merged all of your finances, from your bank accounts to ownership of property. When you get a divorce, it is your marriage that is ending and not your shared financial responsibilities.

Divorce does not have to negatively effect you if you take necessary precautions:

*You need to be aware of all the accounts you are responsible for, including bank accounts, mortgage loans, credit cards and utilities. Even if you and your spouse have decided who gets what property, you need to make sure that the right person is solely responsible for their respective belongings.

*Rather than trying to divvy up what is owed on your joint accounts and asking your ex to honor their half, you should remove the right person's name from the accounts or cancel them completely. Make sure the both of you do the canceling together, legally.

The first place to start is the bank, as most couples share checking and/or savings accounts when we are married. Also, if you are taking possession of one car with both of your

names on the note, have your spouse's name removed. Make sure that your spouse does the same thing with any property they take. (If you are still paying for any of this property, then you may have to refinance to get the loan down to one name.)

*Any bills you paid together, such as your utilities, should be put in one name. As for credit cards, you can try to work with the credit card company and have them transfer half of the balance to two different accounts in anticipation of the divorce.

*A common mistake that people make is giving their house to their spouse after the divorce. This may be due to abandonment or perhaps a well-intentioned arrangement because there are children involved. However, the best thing to do is to sell the house together and divide the profit. After all, no one can predict the future. Countless divorcees have found their credit ruined because their ex let their house go into foreclosure. Explaining to creditors that you are now divorced won't make you any less responsible for a mortgage with your name on it.

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