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How does marriage affect credit score

how does marriage affect credit score

How does marriage affect your credit score?

I have always heard that marriage can affect your credit score, but how? I am married (almost 2 years), but I do not share my husband's last name. We have only apllied for one item together and we are making regular payments. Will his old bad accounts or new accounts he has opened in his name only affect me?How does marriage affect your credit score?

The marriage won't necessarily show up on your report. But any joint accounts will show up on both. And some places that rely on your creditworthiness may consider the fact that you are married a sign of stability. Also, since you are married they may want to run your spouses credit also, in which case both credit reports may be considered.How does marriage affect your credit score?

I don't think so. But you know, his debt is your debt once you are married.

Usually women lose their credit when they marry

because everything gets put in the mans name. I have a different name than my husband. I keep some credit cards ONLY in my name so that I continue to build my credit score independent of his. So if we get divorced I have a credit rating and can get loans on my own.

Most applications ask if you are married

so those credit companies have your information and you will be liable for his debt should something happen.

Only a court judgement can separate his and your debt. should the time come for that in a separation or divorce. Just like it does for any ASSETS you share by being a married couple.

No, the only accounts that will affect either one of you are ones that are joint.

Unless you live in a community property State like AZ, CA, ID, LA, NV, TX, WA or WI then any accounts opened after you married could come back to bite you.

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