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How Unpaid Medical Debts Affect Credit Scores

how does medical collections affect credit


Dear Opening Credits,

A hospital made a mistake and put hospital bills into my name while I am still under 21 and they went into collections and I was unaware. It dropped my credit score from 720 to 600. I got the collections notices out of my name since I am still under 21. Now what happens to my credit score. Will it go up at all! Im really having a hard time with this. I do not want bad credit!

- Cara

Dear Cara,

It appears that you're unclear on maturity dates: 21 is the age you can legally drink alcohol in this country, not when you can be responsible for a bill. That prestigious marker is 18. Which means that if you received

medical treatment at that age, and no one else promised the hospital that they would cover the charges, no error was made.

Ideally, you would have handled this situation before the hospital sent the unpaid bills to collections. They might have been willing to cut you a deal, which would have saved you not just money but your credit as well. Surely you received a series of statements that outlined any procedures, tests, medications and gear (such as crutches) that you were given, and the amount to pay. I know it can be confusing, especially if an insurance company is involved, and bills will fly back and forth. But at some point, a health care provider's normal procedure is to send reminder notices that you really, really owe them money.

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