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How good is a credit score of 600

how good is a credit score of 600

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My three credit scores are 590, 604, 607. Here is some of the highlights:

1. 6 credit cards with low limits (all $300-$500). All have a high balance right now. Plan is to pay these all off down to $0 next month. Have a couple 30 day lates all from about 2012 or 2013.

2. Paid-Close bofa cc with 90 day late from May 2008. Hope this will come off this year.

3. Auto loan on a lease from 2010-2013. Always paid on time and nothing negative here. This just stopped reporting since I'm no longer leasing a car.

4. Two installment type loans from a credit union that I always pay on time (about 2-3 years of history). Balance on these is $8k on one and $3k on the other. Would like to pay down this year.

5. Student loans (ahh. ) have multiple student loans. One perkins loans that defaulted and was then paid in full that is from 2009/10. Have private loans through Citi and Discover that I have no negative history on and always pay on time.

6. On my federal student loans I was 90 day late in 2014. It is

now current and being reported as on time for the past 5-6 months. However, I feel this recent 90 day late is the real killer and it isn't coming off anytime soon.

7. The Perkins loan mentioned above briefly defaulted in 2009 and was then paid and closed. It appears on two of my credit reports and not a third. I'm wondering if I could ask the school to stop reporting the default through a goodwill letter. But given that it is about 5-6 years old it may not be having a big impact on my score?

8. Also have a collection on a utility from 2009 for $230. I'm not even sure if it is accurate. worth paying and removing?

My debt on the cc is low about $2k total which I'd like to pay asap.

Debt on the installment loans is about $11k.

Debt on all the student loans is approx $190k. $100k in federal. $90k in private.

household income is about $190k/year.

Would like to apply for a mortgage sometime late in 2015.

Like I said my score is about 600 now. Is it possible to get up to 700 given my history?

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