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How is APR is calculated on a credit card

how is apr calculated on a credit card

How is APR is calculated on a credit card

Ok, I have been all over the internet trying to get a simple answer but what I have found is that there is none. So here goes. I am going to give an example of how I understand it and would appreciate it greatly if someone would comment on it and see if I am right or where I am wrong with my calculations for interest charges. Thanks in advance for any comments.

Mike opens up a credit card account with the APR at 9.24%. His billing cycle runs from the 23rd to the 22nd of each month and the due date is on the 19th each month.

In his first billing cycle from June 23rd-July 22nd, Mike has charged $1,000 on his credit card which is due on August 19th. Mike pays 500 bucks.

In the next billing cycle from July 23-August 22, Mike charges $300.

Ok so here is how I see it and correct me if I am

wrong. After the first cycle, Mike paid 500 bucks of the $1000 dollars he charged. The interest will be the APR of .0924/365 to find the daily periodic rate which is .0002531. That number is multiplied by the FULL 1000 dollars that he charged which equals .2531 and then times it by 31 days in a billing cycle which equals an interest charge of $7.85. This is how I understand it. Am I doing ok so far?

Now, next is where I am lost. Mike now has a balance of $507.85 before he charges the $300 in his next cycle. Is the 300 bucks that he subsequently charged still eligible for the 25 day grace period or is that 300 bucks now calculated into the $507.85? How I understand it is that yes, those 300 bucks have the grace period BUT the interest of the 507.85 balance now will compound daily interest at 25 cents a day until payment is posted to the credit card.

Someone please clarify using above example. Thank you.

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