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Is homeschooling beneficial for children?

how is community service beneficial

Yes because public school = prison.

If you plan a life-long career in a prison setting, school is a GREAT place to start. I suggest starting in a high-poverty school. I served a thirteen year sentence for a crime I still don't think I committed. I was punched, spit on, shunned, beaten up, vandalized, robbed and stripped.

Better Education, Socialism, and Fun

Yes, it has a different curriculum than the schools.

but, it depends on the parents.

Depends on your child, but works much better with academics than the school system.

No, because children should come together and interact with other children.

Homeschooling is beneficial as statistics show these children on average are high performers.

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Generally, it is

I am home schooled, I'll be graduating this June, and I've been home schooled my whole life. Overall, I think it depends on the person, but I think that generally, home schooling is beneficial to children. To those worried about

socialization skills, there are home school groups that kids can get into and meet other home schooled kids in there area.

Being home schooled also helped teach me time management. Instead of having a fixed schedule, every single day, I read out of the textbook myself, and had to decide how to break up whatever I had to do each day, and make sure I got all the reading and all the home work done. So here I am, at 18, and I can manage my time better than most kids my age, because I've been doing it all of high school. If I should decide to go to college, this will be a huge skill to have, and one that is difficult to learn and master. One you certainly don't want to learn in college, rather, you want to know it when you get there.

So overall, in my opinion, while home school doesn't work for everyone, there are lots of benefits from it, some that everyone should have.

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