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How Is A Credit Privacy Number "CPN" Created? 1-888-883-3013

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How is a CPN, credit privacy number or Secondary Credit Number created?" Now there's three ways that a number is created. They have a recycled Social Security Number. These are numbers that had went into the system, people that came from other countries, they was temporarily issued to them, they went dormant and usually, people are searching these numbers out. If they are dormant after X amount of time, then people pulling these numbers back up and using them. And so that's one way: They're using recycled Social Security Number.

Another way that they create the CPN or the SCN number, is that they would get a EIN number or they'd get an EIN number, excuse me, because not only do they get a EIN number, but some would even use a trust number. And replace. To use that as the CPN, the Credit Profile Number, or the SCN, the Secondary Credit Number. So that's another way that they was using these numbers instead of their Social Security Number.

And then the third way they would use Social Security Numbers that have not been issued. Because these numbers have not been issued, there is

no data in them. And so when you issue these numbers and you force feed the information that's how you create a new file, as well.

So those are the three ways how they create the number. They use a recycled Social Security Number, they use the EIN number or a trust number, and they use a Social Security Number that has not been issued yet. Again, for most people, especially when they're trying to protect their identity, and they're trying to re-establish credit, the best one is to go with this one. This is the one that we work with. This is the one many attorneys use because they know that there's no data there. And so using that number there, your odds are much higher that you can get it in your state, and that you won't be questioned on when the number was issued and could you provide documentation? Which I'm gonna talk, more about in another video. But just so that you understand, these three ways are the way that they create a Credit Profile Number, which is also known as a CPN number, and a Secondary Credit Number. Secondary Credit Number which is known as a SCN.

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