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Affordable credit monitoring:

An account with gives you access to your three credit reports and scores, plus credit monitoring -- all for under $15 per month. This is one of the most affordable credit monitoring plans in the industry and, over the course of a year, adds up to some significant savings. As part of their monitoring service, you get email and text alerts anytime something on your credit report changes. These alerts are useful for ensuring there are no errors in your reports and no one is stealing your identity. If you notice anything that looks suspicious or incorrect, you can respond quickly and get it taken care of so it doesn't end up ruining your creditworthiness.

Stay apprised of changes to your score:'s ScoreTracker tool sends you email alerts every time your credit score goes up or down. This, along with detailed information about the factors that affect your score, helps you make informed financial decisions and raise your credit score over time. The ScoreTracker tool is included in the credit monitoring service, so it doesn't cost extra. If you're trying to improve your credit score, this might be just what you need to reach your goal. It's important to note that the scores used by aren't FICO scores, so what you see is slightly different than what lenders see when they request your credit scores. Still, you should be able to get a fairly accurate estimate of where you stand.

Make informed financial decisions:

In's Score Center, there is an Estimate Your Score page where you can see how certain actions will affect your credit score. Opening a new account, missing a payment, and taking out a loan can all have big impacts on your score, and this tool enables you to see just how significant that impact will be. If opening that new account is going to lower the average age

of your accounts and thus, hurt your credit score, you're able to calculate that beforehand. If you're trying to improve your credit score, this is another useful tool to make sure you stay on track toward your goal.

Lenders use different scores:

These days, most lenders use FICO scores to determine your creditworthiness, but does not provide access to those. Instead, uses Experian's PLUS Score, a number that is calculated differently. That being said, the PLUS Score should still be able to give you a pretty good indication of where you stand in terms of creditworthiness. But if you're dead set on viewing your FICO scores, then a company like MyFICO is a better option.

Must sign up for monitoring to view reports:

Like many other Experian-owned credit report sites, there is no way to obtain a one-time report from for a flat fee. Instead, you must sign up for their credit monitoring service before you can view your reports. However, you are allowed to cancel your monitoring membership at any time, so if you're willing to pay for one month of membership, you can sign up, view your credit scores and reports, and then close the account. It's an extra step, but it does get you the information you need quickly.

No online learning resources: offers a basic FAQ but, beyond that, there are no online resources to help you understand what factors affect your creditworthiness or what to do if you notice incorrect information on your report. You can find this information elsewhere, but many other credit report companies have articles on their website about these topics all in one place. If had these resources on their site, you could gain an understanding of how the credit reporting process works without having to search all over the Internet. However, this is more of a minor criticism and shouldn't pose much of a problem for most.

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