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Three Bureaus, Three Scores: Why You Have Multiple Credit Scores

This post was contributed by our Financial Literacy Movement partner Lexington Law. According to FICO®, the company that pioneered credit scoring, “there will almost always be some minor differences in your scores across the three credit bureaus” If Experian, TransUnion and Equifax are aware of those differences, you may be wondering why anyone allows it to continue. Can’t they all come together and decide on one credit score for each person? Despite the bureaus’ attempt at doing so with an innovation known as Vantage Score. the unfortunate answer so far is “no.

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Why The Global Financial Crisis Happened Finance Essay

The impact of economic crisis affected global economies. Global economic crisis does not only impact developed nations but also emerging nations and the least developed countries. Financial markets failed. Investment and lending opportunities are decreasing. Exports are declining since the demand for product decrease. Furthermore, developing nations that already suffers from higher food and energy costs does not have resources to secure financial institutions from bankruptcy. The outcomes include declining stocks, increasing interest rates and fewer government resources for socio-economic investments intended for the poor (NGLS 2009).

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The Queen asks why no one saw the credit crunch coming

The Queen, whose personal fortune is estimated to have fallen £25 million in the credit crunch, has demanded to know why no one saw the financial crisis coming. During a briefing by academics at the London School of Economics on the turmoil on the international markets the Queen asked: "Why did nobody notice it?" Professor Luis Garicano, director of research at the London School of Economics' management department, had explained the origins and effects of the credit crisis when she opened the £71 million New Academic Building. The Queen, who studiously avoids controversy and never gives away her opinions, then described the turbulence on the markets as "awful".

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Secured loans and second mortgages

If you have a mortgage on your home, you may be thinking about taking out a second mortgage or a secured loan. This page explains what secured loans and second mortgages are and how they work. What is a secured loan? If you are a home owner you can take out a loan which is secured against your home. This means that the lender has the security of knowing that if you can't afford the repayments you'll be able to pay off the loan if your home is sold. It's important to remember that if you can't make the repayments, your lender may take action to repossess your home.

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Commission: three reasons why the financial crisis happened

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission hearings have produced one moment of drama and a few theories from regulators and bankers about why the meltdown happened. By Peter Grier. Staff writer / January 14, 2010 Washington Through two days of hearings the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission has not produced much dramatic confrontation. True, panel chairman Phil Angelides. a Democrat and former California state treasurer, got into it a bit with Goldman Sachs chief Lloyd Blankfein on Wednesday. They tangled over why Goldman sold bundles of bad mortgages, then turned around and bet its own money that the value of those bundles would fall.

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Why sign credit card

Listen to the Story Why do we still have to sign credit card receipts? That's our one-question interview today, and Bob Sullivan of MSNBC. com's Red Tape Chronicles blog has the answer. MIKE PESCA, host: I'm just going to keep Rambling here with a question. Can you buy anything online these days and have to sign the receipt? Because you know, you go online. You go to, let's say, eBay, or you go to your Amazon, they don't ask for a credit card. And when you go to the gas station, your Exxons, your Mobils, your ExxonMobils, they don't ask for you to sign the receipt.

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Why You Should Refinance Now

If you have been thinking about refinancing your mortgage, but want to hold off until after the summer comes to end, you should think again. Waiting to refinance your mortgage until the fall means that your could miss out on savings that might not be around for much longer. Lending guidelines will be stricter in the fall and as the economy continues to improve, interest rates are rising. To guarantee that you get the most savings possible from your home refinance, do not wait another day to start the process. Continue reading for several reasons as to why you should refinance now.

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Why Teenagers Should Be Allowed to Have a Credit Card

22 Aug 2012 by Ben Welcome to the 2nd-ever Smart Money Debate  at ReadyForZero! To see the other side of this debate, read Melissa’s post: Why Teenagers Should Not Be Allowed to Have a Credit Card. And then let us know which argument was more convincing! This post was written by Jana. author of the wonderful personal finance blog Daily Money Shot. where she discusses money, family, relationships, pop culture, and everything in-between. You can also find her on Twitter  and Facebook. Should teenagers be allowed to have a credit card? That’s a good question, and one that I spent a great deal of time thinking about before I came up with my answer.

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Why should I refinance and when does it pay to do so?

There are several reasons to refinance your home including: To lower the interest rate on your mortgage, reducing your monthly payments and overall cost; To reduce the term or length of your loan, doing so can save you thousands of dollars in interest; To provide a means of consolidating your debt. All of these are excellent reasons to pursue refinancing, but several issues should be considered first. Refinancing is similar to the process you encountered when you closed on your first mortgage. It requires an application, credit check, new survey and title search, as well as an appraisal and inspection fees.

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Why Should I Hire a Commercial Real Estate Broker and/or Advisor?

If price is the only determinant in a real estate negotiation than it is legitimate question “Why should I hire a commercial real estate broker and/or?”  Since price is only one of many factors in any transaction from the Landlord/Seller or the Tenant/Buyer perspective then the answer is simple to above question that you should always hire a commercial real estate broker and/or advisor. We all have had clients who feel that they can save a buck or two without using a commercial real estate broker.   They either pride themselves as great negotiators or they simply feel they know it all and we add no value to the transaction.

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