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How to buy las vegas show tickets

how to buy las vegas show tickets

& Lounge Entertainment

Las Vegas presents many types of shows for your entertainment pleasure. Most performances are recurring long-term, daily or weekly engagements in either a casino showroom, lounge or stand-alone venue. Usually free acts are in an open lounge. Showroom acts charge admission. The schedule for these are all listed below, alphabetically, by location.

Shows that we classify as "Headliners" offer short runs (i.e. comedians or singers with a less than a week gig) or "Concerts" (generally a one or two night appearance by a musical group). You can find these by clicking the Concert & Headliner Listings link on the left.

Seasonal celebrations, wine tastings, festivals, rodeos, sporting games, etc. sometimes held outdoors at a particular venue or at multiple locations can be found by clicking the Event Listings link on the

left. In addition, we offer weekly Entertainment News columns, again, linked at left. These detail the very latest announced new acts, showroom changes and newly announced events complete with photos.

Our listing is as complete as possible. Due to the frequent closing and moving of performers without notice, some short-term inaccuracies may occur. Often we are more up-to-date than the websites of the hotels or performers themselves. There is no more complete source for Las Vegas shows tonight, concerts and events, than LV Leisure Guide which consistantly provides the most reliable information AND more ways to get free tickets and to save you more on direct ticket purchases than you can find anywhere else. If you have authoratative knowledge regarding additions or changes on our listing please contact us via the Editor link at bottom.

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