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How to buy lotto 649

how to buy lotto 649

Lotto 649 | all about lotto 649 | learn how to win lotto 649 | online 649 lottery tips - Playchance uk

When I created this website about several years ago, I cannot believe how quickly time has passed. A great deal had been learnt during that time. I have also managed to write four books on predicting 2, 3 and 4 numbers in the 6/49 Lottery systems all around the World.

The Lottery systems that have now been researched by me are:

Euromillion, Powerball, Irish Lottery, Daily Millions, Florida

Fantasy 5, Jamaica Lucky 5, Italian 6/90, Louisiana Easy 5, Nebraska Pick 5, New Jersey Cash 5, New York Lottery, Ontario Early Bird, Thunderball Lottery, Trinidad and Tobago Cash Pot 5, West Virginia Cash 25, Win for life (USA), Colorado Cash 5, Delaware Cash 5, Pennsylvania Treasure Hunt, Virginia Cash 5, Wisconsin Badger 5 and all the various 6/49 Lotteries in the World including Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, South Africa, etc, etc.

In the past, I use to think that employees would like to continue working after winning a substantial amount of money from the Lottery, but, I have now realised that employees would like to win a lot of money so that they can quit their job and spend more time with their friends and family and also be able to enjoy their life without worrying about paying bills.

Having studied all the various Lotteries listed above, I now have a better understanding of how the Lottery Systems works. I have always thought that with knowledge and understanding, it is possible to increase your chances of winning a substantial amount of money in the Lottery Systems. I have always believed that each combination of six numbers does not have equal chance of occurrence and I have some research results that I would like to tell you about.

I calculated 33 four number combinations and 105 four number combinations and check their occurrence against the UK past lottery draw since it first started in 1994. The 33 four number combinations gave a profit, yes, you heard me right, a profit of Ј40,000.00 while the 105 four number combinations only gave a profit of Ј560.00.

Although the 105 four number combinations has far more combinations than the 33 four number combinations, the 33 four number combinations is far more profitable than the 105 four number combinations. Now, having known what I just reported to you, which combinations of four numbers would you rather invest your money in?

This goes to prove that the combinations that you chose depend on knowledge and playing the Lottery by random means is the worse strategy ever. It is just like throwing your money into the black hole, hoping to get a large reward back, just hoping, that is all.

My view is that perhaps, some of you may be lucky playing the Lottery by randomly choosing your number and may be win a large amount of money but for the majority of People, they will never; ever win a substantial amount of money playing the lottery without knowledge.

So, what is the best strategy for playing the Lottery then? The best strategy is to study the Lottery Systems and if you cannot do that, find an expert in the field who is willing to study the Lottery Systems. Someone like myself who has spent the past 20 years studying the Lottery Systems and wrote four books on it and still continue to study the Lottery Systems.

I love researching the Lottery Systems because it is so big and complicated. I love studying any systems that is complicated and that we as human know very little about. I have not just studied the Lottery Systems; I have also studied the Stock Market and will continue to study both because I love both systems. They are just so beautiful to me and the reward of my understanding of these two giant systems is to help ordinary people achieve a better standard of life and improve the quality of their life.

There are those who believe that winning a large sum of money or having a large sum of money is bad for you. I can assure you that they are in the minority. Winning a substantial amount of money is such a wonderful feeling and I can assure, you cannot compare it to anything else, except, may be one thing, if you know what I mean.

Just think of all the starving people that you can help and make a big difference in their life. I do not believe that nature intended for you to be poor, otherwise, why do we have so much rich commodities in the Planet? The reason why the majority

of people are poor is because when opportunity is presented to them, they do not take action. They are too afraid of how much they are going to lose instead of thinking of how much they are going to gain.

People are always focussing of what they do not have instead of thinking of what they can have in the future. The other problem is that People do not like waiting in order to be wealthy. They want to be rich overnight. This is not reality. You must learn to be patient because millionaires and billionaires had to work for several years, some may be ten or twenty years before they became very rich. They also saw an opportunity and took action and are prepared to take reasonable risk.

The other thing that some People like to say is that there is no more opportunity for wealth anymore and I am telling you right now that there is no better time than now to be wealthy. The opportunity to be wealthy was vast yesterday, is vast today and will continue tomorrow. All you need to do is to take action when an opportunity presents itself.

Take this website for example. In order to become a member so that you can take advantage of the opportunities that can be presented to you, you have to pay Ј10.00 yearly registration. Do you know how many people that feel that it is better not to pay the Ј10.00 and to try and give meaningless information just to avoid paying? What they are doing in essence is limiting their opportunity for wealth. If you are not prepared to pay Ј10.00 for a yearly membership and you use that kind of attitude all the time, then, do not be surprised if you remain poor for the rest of your natural life.

I myself have spent thousands of pounds in the past and will continue to spend thousands of pounds for better understanding of my interests because I believe that my interests will give me a vast amount of opportunity for wealth. Surely, I have been ripped off and have lost a lot of money myself but I do not allow that to put me off because in order to acquire wealth, you have to be persistent, consistent, determined, have a strong believe in what you are doing and above all, be 100% focus on your goal.

After twenty or so years of studying, collecting information, dedicated and researching, all of this hard work is now beginning to pay off big time.

After all this years, do I know how to increase the chances of winning a substantial amount of money in the Lottery Systems? The answer is yes.

After all this years, do I know how to increase the chances of making a large amount of money from the Stock Market? The answer is yes. Is there any guarantee to what I am doing? The answer is no.

For those of you who have bought and read my book, the question is, does the book give you any clue as to how much I know about the Lottery? If you have not bought my book, I think that you should buy it.

I am going to give four people the opportunity to join me and this opportunity will be advertised on the link titled “Lottery Investment Opportunities.”

Please look out for it and as soon as I have the four people to work with, the membership opportunity will be disabled until further notice.

If you are doing what the majority of people are doing then, you are doing something wrong. This opportunity is only possible because of the understanding of the Lottery Systems and in order to win a substantial amount of money, we do not have to win the Jackpot. All we have to win is five numbers that is all.

So, please look out for this opportunity and it will be on first come first serve basis and that is it. Now, this website gets a lot of hit every day. If you procrastinate and do not take action, you could be missing the chance of a life time. This could be as big as Microsoft or Google or EBay or facebook or twitter.

You will be joining at a very exciting time and will then be entitled to future opportunities that presents itself if you are one of the lucky four people that is chosen to become part of this possible lucrative opportunity. So, please look out for it. Who knows, you may end up becoming very wealthy in the future because you are prepared to trust another human being and are prepared to take a chance.

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