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How Do I Shot Web?

You got a New Super Power or two? Great! Can you use them? While the standard hero seems to instinctively know his or her way around every possible ability he or she can obtain throughout the story, some people have to flail and struggle, with everybody laughing at them. Hey, there's all those Required Secondary Powers that you have to master that nobody tells you about!

Also applies when a character attempts to mimic or steal the abilities of a hero (like stealing their Empathic Weapon ) and ultimately fails. When he is successful, the newly acquired power is too unpredictable or costly in his opinion to use in the long run, since he may lack the time or experience to perfect it. It's doubly humiliating if he's defeated by the hero anyway. This is sometimes An Aesop that a hero's strength is his character, not his powers.

Nonetheless some are too stubborn to give them up, and may become a kind of Evil Counterpart.

One would expect this to

be a natural co-trope for a Puberty Superpower. which makes it strange that this was rarely the case — most teen heroes seemed to know how their powers worked instinctively.

The name comes from Something Awful 's randomly renamed and incredibly nonsensical "FYAD" subforum, where it originated as a quotable quote from somebody playing the Half-Life mod Natural Selection and trying to figure out the alien faction's special abilities (shooting webs). In his frustration, he posted "how do i shot web" repeatedly. It got quickly transposed to Spider-Man because it's funnier when he says it. It has since spread wide across the Internet, as such things are wont to do.

Often follows up Powers in the First Episode. Sometimes followed by Power Strain Blackout. The trope is the inverse of Power Overhaul. Limb-Sensation Fascination can be a variant without superpowers. Does Not Know His Own Strength is the Super Strength version of this trope. See also Inept Mage. when someone does understand how to use the powers, but lacks finesse.

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