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Where to Buy Movie Tickets For Cheap Online

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Nothing’s more timeless than griping about movie ticket prices, and for good reason. Where I live, an adult movie pass, generally, costs at least $11. After popcorn and drinks, a night at the movies is like $40 for two adults. That’s cuhrazy!

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay full price at the movie theater. You can find movie tickets for cheap online.

Bulk Movie Pass Sellers – carries tickets to 20 national theater chains, starting at $7 each. Use coupon code HAVEMORE at Google Checkout to get free shipping on any order. Don’t forget to take advantage of their snack packs and bundles, which include popcorn and drink vouchers to save at the concession stand.

Make sure you order tickets well in advance of the opening date for summer blockbusters. You’ll want to receive your movie passes before you need them.

Online Movie Ticket Sellers  - Last I checked, you can find Fandango gift cards discounted at 12% on PlasticJungle . Entertainment® members get a 15% discount on movie theater tickets bought through Look for a discount code  on sites like FatWallet  or RetailMeNot and apply it to your Fandango order.

Daily Deal Websites  - Use an aggregator like Yipit  or Slickdeals  to scan offers from multiple deal websites at

once. For some reason, I always find great daily deal offers  from mommy bloggers on Twitter. I’ve found movie tickets for as little as $4 using this method.

Advance Screenings – You can’t get much cheaper than free. Film Metro. Gofobo. and Wild About Movies  offer free advance screening passes for select films, usually in large metropolitan areas. You probably won’t find any tickets for movies premiering on a Friday night, but if you got the time, you can score tickets for weeknight shows.

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Warehouse Clubs – You can also order bulk movie tickets from Costco for shows at popular movie theaters such as Regal Cinemas and Cinemark. Currently, BJ’s Wholesale Club has 4 AMC Gold Experience tickets and 1 popcorn voucher for $35. That’s a 34% savings.

Google  - Google is in a  league of their own. Obviously, ticket prices aren’t solely responsible for the astronomical costs incurred when visiting the movie theater. Discounts on movie theater food are available as well. A quick search of “movie theater food vouchers” turned up a 50% off a large popcorn and drink at AMC Theaters coupon. On a semi-unrelated note, you should share this with another person whom you trust to not have cooties.

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