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How to buy nba playoff tickets

how to buy nba playoff tickets

Buying Tickets

1. Where can I review your Sales Terms & Conditions?

2. What types of payment do you accept?

3. Do I have to pay sales tax?

4. How are my tickets shipped?

5. What are my delivery options and what will I pay?

6. What types of ticket listings does the NBA/WNBA Resale Marketplace offer?

7. What is the difference between Instant Delivery and Emailable tickets?

8. My delivery method shows UPS. How can I track my order?

9. When can I expect deliver of my tickets?

10. I purchased tickets from NBA/WNBA Resale Marketplace by Ticketmaster but cannot attend the event. What is your refund/return policy?

11. What if my event is cancelled?

12. What if my event is not cancelled, but instead postponed to a later date? Am I entitled to a


13. What if my tickets are lost or stolen?

14. Will my seats be together?

15. Why are my tickets printed on a sheet of paper?

16. Why does the name of somebody else appear on my ticket? Did I receive the wrong tickets?

17. What does 'comparable' or 'better' tickets mean?

18. How do I print my tickets when I buy online?

19. How do I check my order?

20. Do I have the tickets even though I have to wait to print them?

21. Why do I need wait to print my ticket?

Playoff Games

2. What if the playoff date or time changes, can I return the tickets?

3. What if my game is not played at all, will I get a refund?

4. When will I receive my playoff tickets?

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