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How to buy nfl tickets

how to buy nfl tickets

Ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl, Thom Gibbs offers advice for British NFL fans on how to secure regular season tickets, with tips on the best seats, when to go and which teams to follow


Most teams’ stadiums are filled by season tickets holders, so it’s tough to buy directly unless you’re alert when tickets first go on sale, shortly after the schedule is announced in mid-April. Expect to pay at least as much as a Premier League football match. If that fails there’s the NFL official ticket exchange and Stubhub, which enable fans to sell on their tickets, frequently with major markups. Specialist tour operator Sports Travel Tours can secure tickets for all 32 NFL teams and custom-make itineraries including flights, hotels and gameday events.

The more seasoned American Football watcher may want

a higher vantage point, where the intricate movement of hyper-organised teams is easier to track. If you’re new to the game, the visceral thrill of sitting close to the action is recommended. The size and relative youth of most stadiums means it’s tough to find a truly bad seat.

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02 Jan 2015

The regular season is 17 weeks long, and runs from the first week of September until December or early January. The playoffs begin shortly afterwards, and culminate in the title-deciding Super Bowl in early February. Going early in the season will guarantee teams still have something to play for and a better atmosphere, but most stay in contention until the closing weeks. Don’t go to Green Bay in December unless contracting frostbite is on your bucket list.

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