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Inside Chicago’s Hip-Hop Scene with Music Photographer @whodough

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To see more of Mike’s photographs from the Chicago hip-hop scene, check out @whodough on Instagram. For more music stories, head to Instagram @music .

“There’s definitely a darker mood to my pictures,” says 27-year-old photographer Mike Mohr (@whodough ). “And I think there’s a similar mood in the rap music here in Chicago. A lot of it’s about struggle.”

Growing up in the suburbs, Mike began frequenting live shows of indie bands in the city as soon as he could drive. Two years ago, he started writing re-caps of concerts for his friends’ music website. “They’re like ‘Hey, you wanna take the camera along

and take some pictures?’ And I did,” says Mike. “And then some more events popped up and I kept bringing the camera.”

Today, Mike’s photographs capture his close connection to the city’s tight-knit hip-hop community and Chicago as a whole, through low-light portraits and stark architectural images. While he’s photographed larger music festivals across the country, he still prefers the smaller venues where he can be more intimate with the crowd. “When you go to a show and the capacity is 100 people and there’s 120 people in there and you can barely breathe — there’s nothing better than that for me.”

– Instagram @music

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