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How to buy pointe shoes

how to buy pointe shoes

For Just $50 AUD + P&P

“The Perfect Pointe Book” is a fantastic resource for dancers of all ages. It is designed to guide you through all of the stages required for pointe work, to make sure you have a safe and fun progression onto pointe!

This invaluable resource was written by a Physiotherapist (Physical Therapist) with over 10 years of experience in treating dancers and preparing them for pointe work. It is designed to combine classical technique training with physiotherapy techniques to fine tune and accellerate your preparation for pointe work. this book is worth its weight in gold! The book, available in a downloadable e-book (or hard copy upgrade) and accompanying MP4 video files teach you:

The program then guides you through four special exercise programs designed to really target those areas and improve your technique and strength as quickly as possible!

And because all of the tests and exercises now recorded on video, you can watch videos of girls just like you going through all of the exercises and test so that you can see it in real life! (Over 2 hours of Video footage is included!)

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If you are anything like me when I was starting pointe work, you will be dying to know how to get strong enough to go en pointe quickly, and are always on the lookout for any tips that will help make your dancing spectacular!

It doesn’t matter if you just do ballet for fun or if you plan on becoming a professional ballerina, this book is an essential part of your ballet bag. Whether you are just beginning pointe, or have been en pointe for years, you will learn so much about your body and how it should work by going through this process. With this book you get to learn what muscles do what, why some people find it easier than others, how to improve your turnout and how to get a great looking pointe!

I wanted to make learning

about the body as fun, and as easy, as possible. All of the exercises have lots of photos so that you can see exactly how to do them, and now the videos show everything in even more detail!

The 141 page book or e-book has four stages that look at; the flexibility of your feet and ankles; the strength of all the little muscles in your feet; your turnout muscles; and your core strength and balance.

You test yourself at the start of each of the 4 stages, and then learn a program of special exercises that really focus on waking up all of the important muscles. After doing all the exercises for two weeks, you can retest yourself, and if you can do them all perfectly, you can move onto the next stage.

A lot of girls (and their parents) are understandably scared of what pointe work will do to their feet, and are worried about it being painful. In the past, with badly fitting shoes and often poor strength in the feet, many dancers did get terrible pain and had problems with their feet.

But this is not the case anymore!

This fantastic new program teaches you how to strengthen your feet and body in the shortest space of time. Now that pointe shoes are available in so many different fittings, if your feet are very strong, and the shoes fit well, it is quite possible to dance with little or no pain at all! If you start off knowing what to feel, and how to get the most out of your shoe, you can have a long and happy career dancing on your toes.

In the past, this kind of specific strength only came with years of training, and learning it all the hard way. Thanks to my years of experience in working with dancers and seeing what makes the fastest improvements, this program is now available for you to take advantage of!

This Book Is The Only One Of Its Kind!

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