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YOU MUST READ THIS if You Buy or Sell on eBay

how to buy sell and profit on ebay

eBay Buyers and Sellers Beware

There are tons of scammers on eBay, read the info below.

or the next person scammed could be You!

Hello Fellow eBayers,

This is Jim Lee. I'm a musician, artist, and an eBay seller too. I'm also the author of Funkychops, Quickbeat & other guitar/bass products.

Faux Feedback

Many eBay pros have multiple accounts. Scammers will use bogus accounts to create bogus feedback. usually positive feedback. This is often used to: boost the feedback rating, feedback number, or used in conjunction with one of the scams above. For instance, a scammer may leave several feedback comments such as 'Great computer. Fast shipping. Thank you.' for a one-day-listing featuring computers. Unsuspecting buyers read this supporting feedback and decide to buy from this 'trusted' seller.

Important Notice about Your eBay Account

Have you ever received bogus email? Of course you have. This is probably one of the biggest tactics used by eBay scammers. They may pose as a buyer asking a question. It may be a supposed notice from eBay. Anything. These scammers have two goals: 1) Make sure your email is live, meaning that your email address is connected to a real person and active. Often spammers will send-out billions of emails to guessed/harvested email addresses. Those who reply will get added to that spammer's live list. 2) Gain access to your password. this is the jackpot. Often the scammer will associate their bogus email with a bogus site. The site may even look exactly eBay. So, you may log-in into your account. and bingo! They have your info. Scammers then use this account to pull other scams, such as the ones mentioned above. The scary thing is that they may have your

info, and not use it till the time is right. It's always a good practice to periodically change your passwords.

Second Chance, Second Shmance

If you bid on a high-priced item, beware of this popular scheme: after you don't win the auction, you may receive an email from the supposed seller with a Second Chance Offer. If you're not aware of eBay's Second Chance Offer, it's basically where the seller agrees to sell you the item for your bid price. even though you didn't have the highest bid - hence the second chance concept. Scammers send fake Seconds Chance emails that look 100% real. hoping you'll take the bait and send them money. Should you expect to receive them item you paid for? Do I really need to answer that?

Scammers? eBay & PayPal

No. I don't think so. at least not any more than corporations that market you to believe the best of them. eBay & PayPal both want you to feel that you're safe as a buyer or seller, and they offer various forms of buyer/seller protection. When you read between the lines, you may realize that you're not as protected as they'd like you to believe.

I think eBay wants to paint a rosy-colored picture about the safety of shopping there. and I think most people are buying it. I believe buyers would be scared if eBay published just a fraction of the scams that have happened. Think about it, are You seeing more or less scams in your email? Do you think scammers are becoming more or less sophisticated? Don't kid yourself - if you want to be one step ahead of the scammers, you need to evolve too.

Conclusion but Not the End

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