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how to buy stockes

Immortal Flight

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Hydr Drakn “When you play hide and seek my friend,” the elf’s voice rose slightly, a soft laughter bubbled on her lips just as the drips of water fell into the pool where she stood. “You need to learn not to hide in the most obvious place.”

The tall, slender figure of the elven woman stood waist deep in a pool of crystal-like water. It shimmered and reflected the sheen of the bright light above the pair, cast in a dazzle of sparkling ever widening circles as she lifted a small blue scaled creature of out of the liquid.

With each droplet the circles broke into newer patterns and slipped outwards, criss-crossing beneath the very young dragon. She looked into its intelligent eyes and smiled a little.

“This,” the dragon observed with a low whispered tone. “Was a foregone conclusion, I allowed myself to be discovered. For you see, without that, you’d have never found me. We hydr drakn are at home in

the water, it’s out natural element and without a Hydr Drakn by Adam-Wolfe



It was an odd place. Deep within the recesses of the temple, it waited. A light that should not have been gave depth and definition to pillars and paths. A soft blue glow, seeming to stem from the very air itself, filled the place, shimmering and sliding across the walls. Liquid light. Ephemeral. A calm filled the place, though darkness loomed in every corner. Threatening. Wanting. But the light remained. For without light, there can never be shadow.

Something stirred in the darkness. A flash of gold, of blue, or raven black. Out of the darkness a being came. Nameless, it came forth, the light seeming to bend towards it, settling on the blue gems adorning a copper crown. A hiss of water over flesh, the soft ring as droplets fell echoed in the blue-lit chamber. The one from the darkness stood from the water’s Elemental by draco13

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