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Super Bowl 50 Tickets: How To Get Tickets To Super Bowl 50? Be Prepared To Pay Super Big Bucks

how to buy superbowl tickets

Super Bowl Tickets (CBS)

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — The countdown has begun. As the clock ticks down on Super Bowl 50, the demand for tickets ratchets up.

“If you’re looking for a typically decent seat to sit at the Super Bowl, the prices are probably going to go from $2500 to $3000 dollars,” says Cameron Papp, spokesperson for StubHub, the online marketplace for buyers and sellers of sports and entertainment events.

GET READY FOR SUPER BOWL 50:  The Countdown Begins Monday Night, Feb. 2nd at 7pm on KPIX 5 With Joe Montana

And for those who purchase their tickets on StubHub, the company is sweetening the deal. They’re throwing in an advance ticket to their pre-game party.

But what about the cheap seats, for die-hard fans on a beer budget? How do they get tickets?

“If you care about where you sit, you should buy early,” says Papp. “If you just want to get in the stadium, wait until the last possible second.”

Cameron says a lot of factors go into the price — what teams are playing, how hard is it to get to

the game location, and the weather. Given the fact that San Francisco is such a big market with so many NFL fans, ticket sales are expected to do very well.

He says price surging for tickets typically happens after we find out who is playing in the game.

“We usually see a large bump after the NFC and AFC championship games,” says Papp. “But after that, the prices start to go down.”

If you are willing to risk it, tickets are at the cheapest an hour before the game. Papp says this year’s cheapest tickets sold for $900 in the nosebleed section. At the other end of the price spectrum, the price tag on a suite for you and 15 of your closest friends was $11,000.

StubHub’s advice? Plan ahead.

“If you buy a ticket early for the Super Bowl and one of the Bay Area teams does end up in it, suddenly the price you paid earlier will probably be looking a lot better,” says Papp.

So, here’s hoping the 49ers and Raiders will make it next year. Let’s not jinx them, though.

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