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Renfe Trains: Full Guide to Learn

how to buy tickets online

How to Buy Tickets Online!

Renfe trains are modern, comfortable and fast. They are very punctual and reliable, that's why they are one of my favorite ways to travel. On top of it, Renfe sells tickets online for almost any long-distance trip (including sleeping trains).

Although Renfe's website might look clean and friendly, the truth is that sometimes it's hard to find the information you are looking for. Moreover, the procedure to buy a ticket can be difficult. You may see pages that are not translated into English, error messages coming from nowhere.

I've found myself more than once staring at my computer and facing the same issues you may have already experienced.

However, after a few years of experience, I can assure that buying Renfe tickets online is not difficult. It's just a matter of patience and becoming familiar with the website.

This is why I've come up with a step-by-step

guide that will help you

  • Navigate throughout Renfe's website without feeling lost
  • Learn everything you need to know about trains, trips, fares and discounts
  • Buy your ticket successfully
  • Apply some tricks to save lots of money
  • Know what to do if you need to change your ticket

    And since it's a downloadable eBook, you can have it instantly. No delivery fees and no shipping waits!

    So if you are thinking about planning your trip to Spain in advance and would like to buy your train tickets, this guide is right for you!


    "RENFE is hard to figure out for English-speakers and this detailed guide is a god-send for any traveller wishing to use Spain's wonderful rail connections." -- Wena Poon, novelist and author of 'Alex y Robert' (about an American woman bullfighter in modern Spain)

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