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How to buy twins tickets

how to buy twins tickets

Uniform: Navy blue, Red, and White. Two uniform designs: A light colored uniform (white home, grey road) and an alternative ("Sunday") uniform (solid blue with red and white piping)

Uniform Logo design: The word "TWINS" in red script. The entwined letters "TC" (for Twin Cities) appear on the home uniform hats, and a stylized "M" appears on the road uniform hats. The word "MINNESOTA" appears on their road uniforms in red block print. "TWINS" (home) and "MINNESOTA" (road) are printed in white with red outlining on the "Sunday" uniforms

Logo: Twins is written in a red calligraphy style with a red underline. The word and underline are both outlined in navy. The script is superimposed over a baseball with the part of the T and S hanging off the edges. Above Twins also on the baseball Minnesota is written and underlined in Navy.

Best season: 1965 (102-60)

Worst season: 1982 (60-102); franchise 1904 (38-113)

Longest win streak: 1991 (15 games, June 1 to June 16)

Odd Stat: In 3 World Series appearances the Twins are 11-1 at home, and 0-9 on the road


ballpark gimmick: Homer Hankie (1987, 1988, 1991, 1992, 2002, 2003, 2004)

Hollywood Fame: The team and its famous domed ballpark, the Metrodome, were featured in the 1994 motion picture Little Big League

Team Nickname: The Twins are affectionately called the "Twinkies" by fans. Despite the cream-puff sound of the name, the Twins have a reputation as a hard-working, hard-playing club

Mascot: T.C. Bear, introduced in 2001

Team Song: “Were Gonna Win Twins”

Team Rituals: The party atmosphere of the Twins clubhouse after a win is well-known, the team's players unwinding with loud rock music (usually the choice of the winning pitcher) and video games. The club has several well-known, harmless hazing rituals, such as requiring the most junior relief pitcher on the team to carry water and snacks to the bullpen in a bright pink Barbie backpack, and many of its players, both past and present, are notorious pranksters

Fan Base: Although Minneapolis appears at first glance to be a "small market" city (3 million residents of the associated metropolitan area), the team routinely draws fans from as far away as Montana and Wyoming

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