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how to buy vodacom shares

Buy shares in profitable South African companies on the stock exchange such as Sasol, Vodacom, MTN or Sanlam and you could see yourself making a handsome sum of money soon. Many people, especially beginners are intimidated by the thought of trading on the JSE and have images of people all shouting and screaming across the floor in a chaotic frenzy of buying and selling. The truth is, you need to go through a qualified stockbroker in order to be able to get started who can also advise you if you wish on which ones are best at the present time to buy and sell.

Any stockbroker that helps you buy shares has to be a member of the JSE and has to conform to certain guidelines and rules set out by the organisation. But before deciding on which stockbroker to use, you need to decide whether you want trading advice from him or her or whether you are just

going to use them to buy and sell the shares at your request. Obviously there are certain fees involved in appointing somebody to help you out in this regard and fees will vary from one company to the next and depending on how much help you need and with exactly what.

Clients that are just starting out and only have a few thousand rand to invest are expected to do their buying and selling through the stockbrokers website whereas there are some who will not be interested unless you have at least R1 million up front so do your research to find out which ones may be best to help you with an account. Once you have found a good stockbroker to assist you with decisions on what are the best companies in which to buy shares in South Africa at the moment, you can decide on which transactions to make over the phone or simply using emails.

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