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How to Buy Wholesale Clothing on eBay

how to buy wholesale clothing

Buying wholesale clothing on eBay is simple, and individuals have a variety of reasons for doing so. One of the most popular reasons is to profit from resale of the items, but many do it for the savings on personal clothing items. Whatever the reason, consumers need to be aware of the pricing, the possible defects, and the shipping costs. Consumers need to take the time to research the product, consider buying in bulk, and research wholesale clothing sellers before making a purchase.

Personal or Resale

Before any other considerations, consumers need to decide for what purpose they need the items. Depending on whether the items are for personal or resale use, there are several factors to take into consideration. How a consumer searches and where he or she searches for items also depends on the item's use.

Personal Use

If shopping for personal clothing items, a consumer usually needs a specific size, style, or brand. Consumers can find items listed on eBay for women's clothing, men's clothing, children's clothing, or baby wholesale clothing. Each selection offers a wholesale lot option and the pre-defined filters help to narrow the lots by size, brand, and other important features.

Personal wholesale clothing lots come in smaller portions than resale lots and usually have a specific style or theme. A consumer can find business attire lots, summer lots, dress lots, or a variety of other themes for the perfect clothing selections.

Resale Use

Consumers purchasing wholesale clothing lots for resale care less about the sizes, styles, and themes, and more about the quantity, quality, and pricing. Resale wholesale lots offer the same specific selections as personal wholesale clothing lots, but also offer categories that are more generic. Consumers can shop for large or small lots mixed with a

variety of sizes, styles, and wholesale brands .

Resale wholesale lots offer larger quantities, often from overstock items, out of season items, or customer returns from major department stores.

Save More by Buying More

When buying clothing wholesale, the main goal is to get a better price than retail, and that remains true whether the clothing is for personal use or resale. The larger the quantity purchased, the more savings the consumer can expect. Many companies offer lots of 100 pieces or less, but many others require larger investments to receive savings. Generally, clothing in a wholesale lot without top brands offers pieces that sell for under $25 apiece retail, and when buying wholesale, the prices generally drop to under $5 apiece. The larger an investment is, the better the cost per piece. Consumers should keep in mind that a half-truckload generally carries around 5,000 pieces of clothing, and a larger full truckload can carry up to 20,000 pieces of clothing.

Research the Seller

Consumers should be sure to research sellers before making any purchase. Check feedback to see what other buyers have said about the shipping times, the quality of the items, and the value of the wholesale lot. There are sellers who offer 10,000 pieces of clothing at a great price, but then send out mostly accessories that are low-quality and low-cost to make up the large lot. Consumers need to know exactly what they are buying, and from whom they are buying before transferring any cash.

Understand the Common Defects in Wholesale Clothing

When buying wholesale clothing in bulk, many times the items contain defects. Most defects are minor, but some make the items unsellable and unusable. The origin of the clothing makes a large difference in the amount of defects to expect.

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