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How to buy wholesale lots

how to buy wholesale lots

HOW TO BUY and USE chelation agents


Copyright Moria Merriweather 2002 and November 2003.

This file was last updated on 11/30/03

  • THANK YOU to everyone who has provided the information in this file.
  • The information and pricing in this file is NOT guaranteed to be accurate, and may actually be wrong. The companies and brands listed are not being recommended over other sources. This is not an endorsement of the companies listed, nor a recommendation of their products.
  • Providing this information is NOT an assertion of the safety of these products for any specific use or for any particular person or use. The use of chelation agents involves risks and side effects. The information in this file is not medical advice, and should not be misconstrued as such. If you wish medical advice, please seek it from someone legally licensed to provide it: a doctor or other licensed health practitioner. Thank you. How to buy ALA (alpha lipoic acid)
    • IN THE US: ALA can be purchased at most health food stores. It is sold as an anti-oxidant supplement.
    • IN EUROPE:
      • IN GERMANY: ALA is not freely available in Germany. Vitamin Research Products CAN ship ALA to Germany. There may be many companies that can, this is simply one that I know will. Vitamin Research Products, Inc. Carson City, NV 89701 USA (800) 877-2447 (Mon - Thurs 6 AM to 6 PM pacific time; Fri 6 AM to 5 PM) For people outside the US, a non-800-number for orders is: (775) 884-1300.
      • ALA can be ordered on-line from and and
      • IN THE UK: ALA can be purchased at many health food stores, such as GNC or Halland and Barrett.
    How to buy DMSA

    DMSA generally requires a prescription. Therefore, one way to buy DMSA is to see a practitioner who is licensed to prescribe drugs, and who is willing to prescribe DMSA for you or your child. DMSA is generally available from pharmacies, and you should not have trouble obtaining it with a prescription. The brand name for prescription DMSA is "Chemet". (This is a capsule.)

    You can buy DMSA without a prescription from the sources listed below. There may be advantages or disadvantages for you to buy it by prescription verses over the counter. An advantage with a prescription is that you may have insurance that may covers much of the cost. Prescription DMSA can cost approximately $3 to $5 per capsule. OTC (non-prescription) DMSA costs about $1 per capsule. However, depending on insurance payment, the prescription DMSA may still work out to cost YOU less. If you do not have insurance payment, then OTC (non-prescription) DMSA will be cheaper. Also, you don't have to have a doctor sign for it. You can consider these and other factors. There are many reasons you may want to have a doctor directing and/or monitoring chelation, so this is also a factor to consider, and may be a disadvantage of OTC (non-prescription) DMSA.
    • IN THE US: Unrestricted sources:
      • Vitamin Research Products sells DMSA without a prescription. 100 mg capsules: $40 for 45 capsules, plus about $3 for shipping. They do not sell DMSA in doses smaller than 100 mg. VRP can ship DMSA to Germany and South Africa, and probably many other parts of the world. (Not sure if this about everywhere.) Vitamin Research Products, Inc. Carson City, NV 89701 USA (800) 877-2447 (Mon - Thurs 6 AM to 6 PM pacific time; Fri 6 AM to 5 PM) For people outside the US, a non-800-number for orders is: (775) 884-1300.
      Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose (a natural plant fiber) and gelatin. Contains no added sugar, starch, salt, wheat, gluten, corn, coloring, dairy products, flavoring or preservatives. Comment on other ingredients:
    • Advanced Vitamins and Supplements from Dr. Ralph Cinque This is a discount distributor of VRP products. (They only sell VRP.) 45 capsules / 100 mg each capsule for $35.96 You pay the actual shipping charge, and no handling. Here is their page about DMSA:
      • The Falls Pharmacy sells Captomer (which is DMSA made by Thorne Labs) without a prescription. A bottle of 45 capsules is $45. To order (or for more info) send email to Brock Nyberg, Pharmacist at:
      • Nutri Pharmacy sells Captomer (DMSA made by Thorne Labs) without a prescription. A bottle of 45 capsules is $39.95. They also have 250 mg. capsules available, in case someone wants a biiiiig dose. To order (or for more info) call (212)983-8291, or fax order to (212)983-8382. Address: 45 E. 45th Street, New York, NY 10017.
    • IN THE US: restricted sources (requiring something other than an Rx):
      • Thorne Research makes DMSA called "Captomer". They will not sell this to just ANYone, but they will sell it to any licensed health care practitioner of any sort (e.g. nurse, chiropractor, optometrist, podiatrist, pharmacist, clinical nutritionist, homeopath, acupuncturist, etc.), who could then re-sell it to you. (Note that the Falls Pharmacy, listed above, sells the Thorne brand.) Their suggested RETAIL price is $43.10 for 45 capsules, 100 mg-- I don't have the wholesale prices. Thorne Research: (208)263-1337, located in Idaho.
      • Kirkman's will sell DMSA without a prescription, but they do require verification that the user is under a doctor's care. This verification can be phone, fax or written note from the doctor. Kirkman's sells flavored DMSA.
      • Emerson Ecologicals. To set up an account you need to be working with a practitioner, such as an MD or ND. If you have an account they will sell you DMSA. They primarily sell to practitioners. (800)654-4432
    • IN EUROPE :
      • DMSA can be ordered without a prescription from: "Smart City" brand. € 36 for 45 capsules, 100 mg each.
      • UK: Nutricentre sells Thorne Captomer (DMSA) without a prescription. The cost is £45 for 45 capsules (100 mg). Nutricentre: phone 020 7436 5122 (The Thorne products are not listed on their website, so you need to order Captomer by phone.)
    How to buy DMPS Note: DMPS is very much more expensive that DMSA.
    • IN THE US: We have not heard of a non-prescription source for DMPS in the US.
    • IN SWITZERLAND: DMPS is non-prescription. One can go to a drugstore and order it. They usually don't carry it in stock, so you order it then go pick it up. You can order some variations of dosages. Heyl makes it.
    • IN TURKEY: DMPS is sold over the counter.
    How to buy small dosages (ready made)
    • ALA: Kirkman's sells 25 mg capsules of ALA; ($16 for 90 capsules, 25 mg); also 50 mg.
    • ALA: HealthSmart sells 30 mg capsules of ALA (120 capsules of 30 mg each are listed as "on sale" for $7.50, regular price $24.05. I don't know if they are always $7.50)
    • ALA: Puritan's Pride sells 30 mg capsules of ALA (60 capsules

      of 30 mg each are listed as "on sale" for $2.17. 120 capsules are listed as "on sale" for $3.97. I do not know if they are always at the sale prices.)

    • ALA: Twinlab makes a 50 mg. ALA. This can be bought most anywhere, including the Vitamin Shoppe and Needs, Inc. .
    • ALA: The Vitamin Shoppe's house brand of ALA, available in 100 mg and 50 mg, are tablets. These can be halved or quartered with a pill cutter.
    • ALA: "Liquid " ALA can be purchased from Brainchild Nutritionals. An 8 oz bottle for $10.00 plus 4.50 S/H. One tsp equals 16 mg ALA. (According to a standard conversion chart one 8 oz bottle contains 48 teaspoons. At 16 mg per teaspoon, that's 768 mg in the whole bottle.) It would be a lot cheaper to mix your own (from capsules). Their phone number is: (831) 465-0104 (M-F, 9-5 PST.) email address:
    • DMSA. Kirkman's sells DMSA 25 mg (90 caps for $40); also 50 mg. You must have a doctor's approval to buy DMSA from Kirkman's. Kirkman's sells flavored DMSA. Call (800)245-8282 to order. (Prices for this product are not listed on Kirkman's website, due to their requirement of a doctor's approval.)
    • I am not aware of any unrestricted source for DMSA without a perscription, in doses less than 100 mg. I have looked for this over a long period of time.
    Compounding Pharmacies (small doses made to order)

    (ALA / DMSA / DMPS): Experienced compounders can make up pretty much whatever you need, just the way you want it. This includes making a variety of forms where appropriate, including capsules, transdermals, flavored suspensions, suppositories, and (in some cases) injections. They can generally use a variety of fillers, and may be able to use tiny sizes of capsules.

    FIRST CAVEAT: some list members have posted about buying compounded products which they found out LATER where ineffective, such as DMSA in a liquid formulation. (This is unstable and will lose potency quickly.) Compounding pharmacies are very useful for making stuff, but this is no assurance that the stuff you buy is really what you want--- you get what you order, or what your doctor orders.

    SECOND CAVEAT: some insurance companies will pay for pre-made Rx DMSA (brand name "Chemet") but will not pay for compounded DMSA. You should check with your insurance company, or ask the pharmacy to do so, if you have insurance coverage to consider.


    • Here is a list of MANY compounding pharmacies:
    • You may be able to find a local compounding pharmacy in your area. Try the yellow pages in the phone book.
    • From Marcy Kelly, who works for a compounding pharmacy: "In the circle of compounding pharmacists, one is very well know as THE expert with autistic children. Her name is Patsy Angelle, and she works at Prescription Compounds in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (Note the Louisiana connection.) Her toll free number is 1-888-876-8778 and she can be emailed at I don't know her prices, but spoke to her at a pharmacists meeting last fall and she is very knowledgeable." Price example: DMSA. 25 mg. 100 capsules: $44
    • Apothecary Labs. Phone: (800) 869-9160 (on the east coast of the US). Price example: for 100 capsules of ALA 10 mg each: $7. (This does NOT require a prescription.) They will only sell compounded DMSA with a prescription. They have both DMSA and DMPS in pure powders. Ron Keech, a pharmacist there, is familiar with use of chelation agents for kids with ASD, and familiar with some supplements for kids with ASD. They will submit their bills to insurance for you, and can take credit card payments over the phone.
    • Coastal Compounding (912) 354-5188
    • Falls Pharmacy: email to Brock Nyberg, Pharmacist at: A prescription is required for anything compounded. Price examples: DMSA. 100 capsules: 25mg each $39; 50mg each $52; DMPS 100 capsules: 25 mg each $125; 50 mg each $207; 75 mg each $289; 100 mg each $372; 250 mg each $875. Will make any number of capsules that you want to order.
    How to mix small dosages Mixing DMSA or ALA into juice, water, or food is a good way to divide it up into smaller doses, and a good way to prepare night-time doses before going to bed. Mixing into food or juice is also helpful for kids who don't easily swallow pills.
    • ALA should be stable. This means it is okay to mix up a few doses at once. ALA can be mixed into water juice, or food. You can also use liquid to divide ALA into smaller amounts. (If you buy 100 mg. capsules, but need to give 25 mg. you can mix the capsule into water and just use 1/4 of the water for each dose.)
    • DMSA is more sensitive to oxidation than ALA. If you are mixing the dose in advance, then DMSA should be in some reasonably acidic (tart or sour tasting) juice. Acidic fruit juices (lemonade, limeade, or pineapple juice for example) are good for mixing with DMSA. Limit the number of doses that are premixed into acidic juice, and then use them up in a reasonable amount of time. A reasonable period of time to store DMSA after mixing is less than a day, preferably half a day
    • If you are mixing just one dose of DMSA (not storing it), you can mix it into any sort of food your child likes.
    • Store premixed doses of ALA and DMSA in the fridge.
    Comments on mixing methods & getting kids to take stuff (This is just a small percentage of the great ideas that have been posted. )
      Dividing up capsules
    • MaryW -- divide up powder on a plate, with a spatula, put in gelcaps
    • MaryW -- divide up powder, then put into paper cups with top folded over
    • MaryW -- dividing doses on a plate, post-it notes to pick up piles
    • Jennifer -- dividing a capsule by using pieces of paper, put into capsules; then mix into a LITTLE honey water
    • Sheila -- mixing and dividing DMSA using apple butter, water, and vitamin C
    • Andy -- whether it is okay to mix DMPS in a capsule with other stuff-- depends on the pH of the other stuff
    • Vicky -- making own custom supplement mixture, grind pills, mix & put into capsules
    • Andy -- with "Chemet"-- counting "beads" and dividing up by the number of beads.
    Mixing stuff into food or juice
  • The following file (from the enzymesandautism list) gives LOTS of mixing ideas. It is oriented toward mixing enzymes to give to kids (which has some special restrictions) -- anyway, there are LOTS of ideas here that will apply fine to mixing chelation agents: NOTE: YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF THIS LIST in order to read this file. (Sorry.)
  • Kirkman's website has a collection of ideas for things to mix supplements into: Traveling with doses of chelation agent
  • 58399 Janice - taking divided up amount along on trip in paper cups - mixing doses in ketchup Getting school to give doses
  • Natalie -- doctor note for school to get school to give VARIOUS kinds of supplements/medications

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