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How to calculate weight loss


How many calories to lose weight

How many calories to lose weight is a popular question but to be honest it does not come with a straight forward answer. I’m sure a lot of you may have been lost from time to time in the endless calorie calculations or taken a wild guess trying to lose weight. Nevertheless do not despair. Below I have summarised the main things you need to know when trying to calculate how many calories to consume in order to lose weight. For a start you will find a […]

5 Bodyweight exercises that burn fat

Not everybody wants or can spend an hour in the gym everyday training. A lot of people would be happy to know a handful of exercises which they can do at home and still have the fat burning benefits. In this article

we have gathered 5 exercises which they use your own body’s weight but they can still provide a fat burning and muscle building workout. I don’t believe in absolute statements such as ‘the very best of exercises’ or ‘the only exercises’. These exercises […]

Pilates for weight loss – Can you lose weight with Pilates?

What is Pilates? The Pilates technique was introduced by Joseph Pilates as a form of exercise in America (1926) and ever since they have grown into popularity and are now accepted in their use. Through the years they have evolved into different techniques (i.e. STOT Pilates, modified Pilates APPI technique, contemporary Pilates and so on) using apparatus such as the reformer, with books written about them, and DVDs for people to take home and practice. The supporters and developers of different Pilates techniques claim a […]

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