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How to change indicator bulb

how to change indicator bulb

How to change a headlight bulb on a Touareg 2 (2007-2010)


You can change a lightbulb on a Touareg 2 without a tool, but without a description you'll have to find a Indiana Jones-style hidden mechanism first. I learned this the hard way, here is how I finally got it done thanks to tips from siberian in this forum:

First you have to locate a white lever behind the headlight(#1).

Swing it back, don't force it - it should be easy (#2).

Now remove the cable connector from the lights. You need to pry the square opening on the top just a little bit (3), it will unhook itself inside and come out easily.

Now you need to push on the side of the headlight to swing it out a little bit (4). This was hard with my T2, but depends on the car. Don't force it too much, everything inside is plastic and can break.

Now that the headlight assembly is tilted, you can pull

it out from the front (5).

I replaced the low beam bulb, so adjust this part for the particular bulb you are replacing (blinker, high beam, etc.) I open the back rubber cover and now can unscrew the bulb socket. Turn counterclockwise just a little bit (6) and pull the socket out. Don't touch any bulb glass you still want to use with your bare hands!

Pull out the bulb (7). I had to carefully pry the bulb with a thin screwdriver.

Now put the new bulb in. There is a peg (Visible on pic 7) that will prevent you from putting in the bulb the wrong way.

Turn the bulb socket back in clockwise.

Close up the light assembly and put it back into the opening. Look at the plastic pins below the assembly and align them with the slide-in openings. Push it in with the same slant that you pulled it out (See pic 5).

Finally plug the cable connector back in and close the lever - done!

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