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How to Adjust White Balance With Photoshop CS3

how to change white balance in photoshop

The white balance determines the color hue of a photograph overall. When a digital camera captures an image, it attempts to find a white object in the scene with which to set its coloring. If the camera fails to determine which color in the image is actually white, the image is likely to be heavily tinted with one color, like blue or orange. Many digital cameras allow photographers to change the white balance while taking photos, but you can also adjust white balance afterward in Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Photoshop Filters

Open the photo that you want to adjust in Photoshop, by clicking “File” and then “Open.”

Click on "Image" to open the “Image” menu, choose “Adjustments” and then choose “Photo Filter." The "Photo Filter" window opens on the screen.

Select the “Warming” photo filter if the photo has a blue tint to it. Choose the “Cooling” photo filter if the photo has a yellow or red tint to it.

Move the slider on the filter bar that appears on the screen toward the right to increase the amount of warming or cooling to the image. The further you move the “Warming” filter to the right, the more red and yellow appears, decreasing the blue tint. The further you move the “Cooling” filter to the right, the more

blue appears, decreasing the red or yellow tint. Change the color of the image until the unnatural blue, red or yellow tint is eliminated from the photograph.

Save the changes to the photograph. If you want to save the changes to the original image, click “File” and “Save.” If you want to save the adjusted photograph as a copy of the original, click “File,” then “Save as” and provide a new name for the photograph when prompted.

Camera Raw

Open Adobe Bridge from Photoshop by clicking “File” and “Browse.” Navigate to the location of the photo that needs the white balance corrected on the hard drive.

Select the photo in Adobe Bridge. Click on "File" to open the “File” menu and choose “Open in Camera Raw.”

Click on the “Adjust” tab on the right side of the screen. “White Balance” is one of the options in the “Adjust” tab.

Move the slider under “Temperature” in the “White Balance” section to adjust the white balance of the photo. To take out blues, move the “Temperature” slider to the left. To take out reds and yellows, move the “Temperature” slider to the right.

Save the image in Camera Raw by clicking “File” and “Save.” Save the photo as a copy by clicking “File” and “Save as.”

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