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How To Make a FaceTime Call on Your New iPod Touch

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The addition of cameras to the iPod Touch has allowed for the device to make FaceTime calls. Now iPod Touch owners can call iPhone owners and see each other face-to-face almost effortlessly.

However, FaceTime is easy to initiate on a phone. You simply call someone as you normally would and touch the button that says "FaceTime." Simple.

Unfortunately, the iPod Touch doesn't have a phone App, which means you can't just dial someone's number and initiate a FaceTime call. Same goes for someone with an iPhone trying to contact someone with an iPod Touch…they can't just dial  a number.

So how does one make a FaceTime call on an iPod Touch? We'll tell ya.

First things first:

– As you may know, FaceTime only works over wifi. That means that both parties must have a wifi connection and their device (Whether it's an iPhone or iPod Touch) must be connected to the internet over a wireless network.

– You must also have an Apple ID. If you don't have one yet, you must create one. Your Apple ID is the same ID you use to log into iTunes and make purchases.

1) Launch FaceTime on your device:

2) Sign in

with your Apple ID.

3) Choose your current region in the location screen.

4) You will also need to enter the email address that others should contact you on through FaceTime. If it's your first time, you should check your email for a confirmation message. Know that if you already use your iPod Touch's email App to check your email, the confirmation is automatic, because it's already registered with Apple.

Now You're ready to go! You've signed in and created your account. It's time to make a call.

5) Now you must choose someone from your contacts (make sure they have also set up their FaceTime account)

6)  When you see that person in your contacts, if your FaceTime settings are on, you will see the FaceTime icon near their contact information, as shown below:

Know that for your contacts, you can add their email address for those who are on an iPod Touch and you can add the phone number for those who are on an iPhone 4.  

5) Now have fun talking face-to-face. Check out settings such as portrait and landscape, switch cameras, show dad his new grandson, or your boyfriend your new haircut, you get the idea. 

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