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How to charge a palm pilot

how to charge a palm pilot

Palm OS Computing Platform Application Development Resources

(users manual (pdf) and chip specifications available)
  • TI OMAP Technical Reference (OS 5 ARM chip, pdf)

    Mainstream Palm OS Programming/Development Tools (Mac, linux or Win32 hosted IDE's):

  • Metrowerks WorldWide Codewarrior for Palm Computing Platform (Compiler/IDE)

    Original SunSoft/Sun fdlibm math library C source (non-GPL open source license)

    The following programming environments are actually hosted on the Palm OS handheld itself:
  • PocketC - tokenizing C-like language compiler and bytecode runtime interpreter for PalmOS (shareware) *
  • OnBoard C - small C compiler and 68k assembler that runs directly on a PalmOS handheld - (Yahoo discussion ) *
  • HotPaw Basic - Basic interpreter for PalmOS *
  • iziBasic - an easy Basic compiler for PalmOS *
  • SmallBASIC - Free BASIC for PalmOS 3.1+ and Linux (GPL/source) *
  • PalmBASIC - A BASIC Interpreter for PalmOS (2003)
  • picoBASIC Integer - Integer BASIC for PalmOS 3.0 or later.
  • Rexx for Palm OS - IBM's Rexx programming language + applets *
  • PP ISO standard Pascal compiler - compiles from DOC files *
  • Quartus Forth - Forth language interpreter/compiler for PalmOS (interpreter shareware, compiler commercial) *
  • Dragon Forth - ANSI Forth 94 translator for PalmOS
  • ppforth (a public domain eforth/lpforth derivative)
  • LispMe - Scheme language compiler/interpreter (open source) *
  • Poplet Kit - tiny-JavaScript/WMLScript interpreter (from Handwave, replacement for Action Pad) *
  • Pippy - Python scripting language port to PalmOS (OSS)
  • Plua - Lua scripting language port to PalmOS (OSS) *
  • TinyLogo - Logo interpreter for Palm
  • EZAsm for the Palm Pilot - Assembly language tools

    The following Palm OS development tools run hosted on a desktop system:
  • NS Basic/Palm - commercial MSWindows based IDE with visual designer
  • CASL - commercial MSWindows hosted IDE + Palm p-code interpreter
  • HB++ - commercial MSWindows-hosted IDE & compiler for a "VB-like" language
  • AppForge MobileVB - commercial MSWindows-hosted IDE for

    PalmOS and PPC devices

  • OrbForms - commercial MSWindows-hosted IDE with C-like language
  • Puma Satellite Forms - commercial MSWindows-hosted Palm IDE with forms designer
  • MobileBuilder - commercial MSWindows-hosted IDE for cross-platform PDA develepment
  • Pendragon Forms - commercial MSWindows hosted Palm dev IDE with forms designer *
  • B2C4Palm - MSDOS-hosted Basic-to-C(cygwin gcc) Translator targetted for PalmOS applications *
  • Pocket Smalltalk - free MSWindows hosted compiler + PalmOS virtual machine *
  • Palm Tcl - Tcl 7.6 cross development system
  • Visual Form Designer - MSWindows hosted IDE for Palm development
  • mobileStudio - C++ framework & MSWindows hosted IDE for PalmOS
  • PocketStudio - Pascal (Delphi-like) development system for PalmOS
  • HSPascal - High Speed Pascal cross-compiler for PalmOS apps
  • PDA Toolbox - freeware MSWIndows hosted Form application generator for PalmOS applications *
  • Jump - Java class file to 68k asm compiler/translator
  • IBM VisualAge Micro Edition - Java IDE + PalmOS JVM (new)

    The following Palm OS development tools run hosted on the web:
  • AppArtist - web-based PalmOS application creation utility (by subscription)

    Virtual Machines:
  • Sun MIDP for Palm OS - Sun Java runtime
  • Sun Spotless - experimental Java(tm) system for PalmOS
  • Sun KVM - Sun Java JVM for PalmOS
  • KVM on the PalmPilot - independent KVM info
  • Ghost - older Java Virtual Machine for PalmPilot
  • Wabasoft - Java-like subset virtual machine for PalmOS & winCE
  • SuperWaba - Alternate Waba virtual machine (GPL)

    Languages Benchmarks:
  • Benchmarking of different PalmOS development languages (by Michael Winikoff)
  • Bench2 - a newer PalmOS Development Language Benchmark (by Laurent Duveau)

    Palm Emulation:
  • POSE - official PalmOS Emulator (MacOS, linux, MSWindows ports, source code)
  • Copilot (older Emulator)

    Other Palm OS Development Tools:
  • RsrcEdit (formerly Onboard RsrcEdit, edit icons and forms on your Palm) *
  • IcoEdit - an icon editor, by MapleTop software *
  • PalmPilot 68k disassembler, hexdump and memory patch util

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