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how to charge iPod in UK

how to charge ipod

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This whole topic can be confusing because there are two problems overseas,

A. PHYSICALLY adapting the american plug to euro socket, (easy, see below), and

B. ensuring ELECTRICAL compatibility between any US (110v) device and 220v euro supply

All you need in order to operate Apple stuff overseas is a universal plug adapter set available from Apple and dozens of third party makers. These are passive plug/socket adapters that allow one to physically plug U.S. plugs into foreign sockets Apple makes a set called Apple World Power Adaper Kit for $39 available at this Apple store link. Note these can be used for any brand US device.

Everything from Apple has been compatible with foreign 220v supply for maybe 3-5 years so this same set

will allow u to use any apple laptop, ipod or other product etc overseas. Not all your american 110v stuff can be SAFELY plugged in overseas sockets just because u can adapt the plug/socket in each country; it has to say "110v/220v' on the appliance or its' power supply.

Sooo, if u are taking a Mac laptop just obtain an adapter for it and charge ipod off of it with USB cord that u already have. Otherwise u will need an Apple AC adapter charger. which apple confusingly calls Apple ipod USB Power adapter, $29 at "THE STORE". Here 's the link

Sorry if that was confusing, Tom L

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