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How to charge ipod touch 2g

how to charge ipod touch 2g

Things You'll Need

Small Phillips-head screwdriver


Insert your plastic pry tool into the seam in the side of your touch and run it along the length of the device to release the back panel from the front. If your replacement screen did not come with a plastic pry tool, then a small flat-head screwdriver will also work.

Remove the square battery from the motherboard in the front housing by running the pry tool along the sides of it and gently pulling up.

Remove the small piece of black tape from the bottom of the front housing to expose three screws.

Remove the three screws using your small Phillips-head screwdriver. Remove the small screw near the top of the battery connector ribbon as well.

Remove the metal

cover from the bottom of the front housing with the plastic pry tool. This will expose the ribbon that connects the screen to the front housing and motherboard.

Flip the screen-connector ribbon up and gently pop it out. Then remove the two screws at the top of the front housing and disconnect the one other screen-connector ribbon. This will release a thin metal board at the top of the housing that guards the screen. Pull the metal board out carefully.

Remove the 16 small screws from the side of the screen. Once the screws are removed, the LCD screen will be free of the housing. Gently remove the screen and replace it with the new one. Replace the screws and reassemble the iPod touch the same way you took it apart.

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