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How to check ebt card balance

How to check your Lebara SIM card balance

April 16, 2013 Author: Kaye Batten is the Digital Content Manager at Ritesim.

Various deals are available for each country and you can check our product pages for all of the information. But we wanted to make it easy for you to learn how to check the balance of your Lebara SIM card - and see how easy it is!

Each country has the same process, but just different numbers. It’s easy to do and free of charge whichever country’s SIM you’re using. We’ve collected them all in a handy guide for you.

Dial *#1345# then press ‘call’ to see your balance on your screen. Or, dial 5588 to listen to a recorded message giving your balance.

Lebara Netherlands

Dial *100# on your phone and then press ‘send‘ or ‘call' to see your credit balance. You can also call 1244 - simply choose option 1 and a recorded message will give you all the information on your balance.

Call 2224 free of charge or dial *124#call. The first option will give you a recorded

message and the second option will give you your balance on screen.

Lebara Switzerland

Dial *147# and your credit is displayed directly on your mobile.

Lebara Australia

Send an SMS (text) message to 126 172 and Lebara will text back with your balance. You need to include one of these words in the message: 'Balance', 'Bal' or 'Credit'. Alternatively, call 126 123 to hear your call balance.

Lebara Germany

Dial 5588 to hear your balance in a recorded message or enter *141# and your current credit balance will appear on your screen.

Lebara Denmark

When you have less than 25 DKK on your account Lebara will remind you to top-up with a voice message but you can also check whenever you want. Simply send an SMS (text) with the word ‘balance’ to 50101234 or call 50101234 to hear your balance.

Lebara France

Call 2323 from your phone to get your balance. Please note that the balance check is free up to a maximum of five calls a day. After this calls to 2323 will be charged at a national rate.

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