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How to check maxis balance

how to check maxis balance

Posted Jul 29 2006, 06:19 PM, updated 10 years ago

I want to compile list of the maxis/hotlink codes. For reference. Please dont simply try this code as this code may charge you for activation fees or annual fees after activation.

*122# - Check Balance (FREE)

*100# - Easy Menu (FREE)

*109# - Activate Voice Mail (FREE) #109# - Deactivate

*136# - Activate 3G service. *136*4# - Deactivate 3G

*138*6# - Activate IDD132 (FREE)

*117# - Activate Background music

*126*012XXXXXXX# - Call-Me-Back (FREE 3 times/month when no credit)

*139# - Check Your Mobile Number (FREE)

*135# - Activate PhoneBook Backup (RM2/month. Sync charges apply) #135# - Deactivate

*133# - Activate GPRS (RM10)

*131# - Activate Caller Ringtone (RM3/month) #131# - Deactivate.

*110*Number of days# - Activate Push-To-Talk (RM1/Day) #110# Deactivate.

**012XXXXXXX - Voice SMS (RM 0.10/30 Sec)

*111*14no. pin code# - To Top-Up/Reload

**I do not held any responsibility, if any charges apply to you phone account/credit deduction, as i do not update it ocassionally. If Maxis Malaysia make any changes to it's billing system. For more Info about the service please log on to or . Press at your own risk. Thank You.

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