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How to cite a statement

how to cite a statement

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People are saying.

We love Noodletools and what it does to prepare students for college. It is a real resource for Common Core Standards. It helps students attain college ready skills.

– A. Weber, High School Librarian

NoodleTools is the most reasonable and most useful library subscription that contributes to student success. It is a powerful teaching tool for recording, organizing, and citing research. The design is so user friendly!

– A. Mikos, Middle School Library Media Specialist

Every living soul I've introduced to NoodleTools claims to have found Heaven on Earth -- from third graders in my elementary school through my doctorate-holding, college-professor husband.

– E. Heath, Elementary School Librarian

I love it. Countless students said thanks after I showed them how to use it. How often are you thanked for instructions by high school students?

– D. Mankowski, High School LMC Director

I have never found a friendlier, more helpful, more responsive, more ethical website than yours. I'm

so happy I could be a part of bringing it to my university.

– C. Miller, Dept. Coordinator, Davenport Univ.

We greatly appreciate your willingness to work with us and have found NoodleTools to be a vital tool in our bibliographic instruction.

– D. Algiene-Henry, Library Administrator, Univ. of Colorado

. after several years, our students now see NoodleTools as a "way of life!"

– C. Nudi, High School Library Media Specialist

Once again your customer support is excellent - I am very happy I chose you for my library and my students are ecstatic!

– M. Bone, K-12 Librarian

NoodleTools was a HUGE hit with the faculty and students this year. Really made my life a lot easier as well.

– D. D'Elia, High School Educational Media Specialist

This is an online tool created by folks who have deep, long-term investments in how kids learn and how we can scaffold without stifling.

– K. Fontichiaro, Professor, Univ of Michigan

I always count on you and Damon for unusual bibliography questions. And I always tell others that that service is one of the most valuable parts of our subscription to Noodletools.

– K. Brown, Professor, High School Librarian

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