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How to close a statement of purpose

how to close a statement of purpose

I can get where you are coming from. I was brought up in a very consevative environment, where there were very definative boundaries between males/females of any age and relationship. So, I get what you are saying.

I have 4 daughters myself w/ another on the way. And they are very affectionate w/ my husband and he w/ them. It is a bit different than what I grew up with, but I know my husband's family is more affectionate than mine is. My girls age range from ages 8 down to age 2. Sometimes, they lay on him kind of. But he is always on his stomach. He never has his front to them. It's more them hanging on him and fighting for his attention than anything. But there are a lot of them too. My husband falls asleep on the couch a lot. And sometimes one of them will fall asleep next to him w/ his arm out to the side, but not spooning.

I have to leave work soon, but I will PM you. I have a lot more to say, but not the time to do it now.

I would def voice your concerns. I always feel like God gave us instricts for a reason. I don't mean that your bf is doing anything wrong to this child. I don't mean that at all. I just mean that if you feel uncomfortable, then you feel uncomfortable. And I agree that the way he is w/ you and the way he touches you should not be the

same as his daughter. If you feel strongly enough, you may not be able to stay in the relationship. I also understand how that feels also. You can't help how you feel is all I am trying to say.

It's so hard when coming into a relationship w/ someone w/ a child because you don't know what is within your right to say.

Anyway, I will PM you soon.

I think the term "Daddy's Girl" applies to this situation for sure. I honestly don't see anything wrong with what you described except for the bedtime and sleeping in the same bed.

I have 3 children of my own and a stepson (who lives with us). We certainly lie in bed with our children and love on them. That's what parents SHOULD do! Show their children how much they are loved. My husband lets our daughter nap with him and I love that they have such a strong connection. I was a daddy's girl myself and I could talk my dad into moving the moon for me if it were at all possible. I also played sick because he always babied me. Even when I was a teenager. LOL. My dad carried me to bed until I was 13 and then I got too heavy for him to lift =)

Also, how is her mother. Does she show her daughter any attention at all? Is she good with her? Could it be possible that the girl is trying to compensate for a lack of attention from her mother?

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