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How to come up with a thesis statement

how to come up with a thesis statement

The Key to Writing Concise Thesis Statements

Whether you are writing a thesis . a dissertation. or a research paper, the thesis statement is hugely important.  In fact, the success of your paper depends on it.  It needs to be strong without being too broad.  It needs to be concise without being too vague.  It has to be qualitative in terms of being suitable enough to carry an entire paper.  The statements that you write for the academic papers you will write in college are much different from the statements you will write for high school papers.  However, in the most basic sense, they are the same.  It is simply that college papers tend to be much more thorough than the papers which are typically written in high school.

The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of paper you intend to write.  Even a dissertation has different nuances.  For example, it might be analytical, wherein you evaluate your main issue and then analyze the breakdown and evaluation of your information.  You might be writing an expository type of dissertation. wherein your main goal is to explain something essential to your readers.  Then again you may decide to write an argumentative dissertation. wherein you are making a claim about your subject and, throughout the course of the paper, intend to justify your claim with the aid of very specific evidence.  Whatever the case, the kind of paper you choose to write will have a huge impact on what kind of thesis statement you need to write.

The thesis statement should fall in the first

paragraph of your introduction, although its ideas will of course come up again and again throughout the dissertation writing process.  Your main aim, after all, is to prove the claims you make in your statement.  Typically, it will need to be a very specific statement, and it should encompass only what you intend to discuss in your paper, be it a thesis or a dissertation .  Likewise, the evidence which supports your statement needs to be just as specific.  Conjecture is a bad idea.  You need solid proof.

That is why you need to always consider what kind of statement you can write when you are considering different dissertation ideas –- or ideas for any other kind of paper.  The topic you choose needs to lend itself well to a concise, specific statement.  If it does not, then you may need to alter the topic about which you choose to write.  You will not necessarily have to change it entirely, you simply want to make sure that you will be able to write a strong, clear statement about it, and that you will then be able to go on and prove that statement.

It is not uncommon for the thesis statement to change during the course of the dissertation or thesis writing process.  In fact, that happens quite a lot, and you should not let it discourage you.  As you do more and more research, you are going to get more and more ideas.  However, you do want to make sure that the statement does not change too drastically, especially once you get really into the paper.

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