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How to cope with hair loss

How to Cope with Dry Ends- Natural Hair

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We all face dry ends from time to time. Dry ends are just a symptom of a habit (or lack thereof) that needs to be modified. As the cooler weather quickly advances, I wanted to provide some tips to bringing some moisture back to your strands.You can follow one or follow the whole sha-bang to ensure optimum results.

1. Make Sure that Your Moisturizing Ritual is Solid

If you do not know the difference between a sealant and a moisturizer than your hair's ends probably reflect your ignorance! A moisturizer is water or a water based product (leave in conditioner). You can identify a moisturizing product by reading the ingredients on the product label.

A moisturizer will have aqua or water listed as the first ingredient. A sealant is a natural oil such as olive, jojoba, shea butter etc or (aloe vera juice/gel for finer hair that is weighed down by oil).

A moisturizer is applied first and the sealant is applied second. If you are not following this process in your hair ritual than you probably should implement it to ensure healthier more moisturized hair strands.

2. Trim your ends

Trimming your dry, damaged, frayed ends is a wonderful way to rid yourself of the hassle and unsightly appearance of your dry tresses. A simple, small trim goes a long way for overall appearance and hair health.

3. Clarify Your Scalp

Hair health begins with

your scalp. If your scalp's pores are clogged and unable to breathe, you are definitely increasing your likely hood of facing dry, brittle hair. Natural hair oil/sebum comes from your hair's pores and travels down your hair's strand resulting in naturally moisturized hair strands. The oil distribution of curly hair is compromised due to the coiled nature of the strand so to add clogged pores on top of that is a nightmare. We all know that excessive cleansing with shampoo dries hair out but a good, clarifying cleanse AT LEAST once a month is very important in providing your scalp with an opportunity to be rid of any clogging product buildup and allowing the natural oil to be distributed.

4. Deep Condition Your Hair Weekly

When struggling with dry ends, it usually takes diligence and consistency to try and bring them back to health. Consistently try and deep condition your hair weekly. If you have the resources, change up the process. Use your steamer once week, a warm towel the next, incorporate protein or honey the next etc. You will soon see results after about a month of weekly applications.

Leave your hair alone! The best way to ensure that your strands aren't losing moisture is to tuck your strands away! After a thorough cleansing, deep conditioning and proper moisturizing application you should style your hair in a beautiful protective style that can be maintained for a couple days ensuring that your hands are out of your hair. Click here for some style ideas.

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