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How do i cancel a transaction on ebay

how do i cancel a transaction on ebay

Steps to Cancel

Seller: How to cancel an eBay order

  1. Login to your eBay account. You will need to contact the buyer to negotiate how to cancel the order. eBay recommends you use the Resolution Center (up to 45 days after the purchase) to cancel the eBay purchase. 
  2. When communicating with the buyer, eBay also recommends using positive language, and avoiding any dialogue that may seem volatile or personal. 
  3. Read more about eBay's tips for communicating with a buyer.

Buyer: How to cancel and eBay order

  1. Login to your eBay account and use the Resolution Center .
  2. Go to my eBay > Sold, then locate the item(s).
  3. In the “More Actions” drop-down menu, select “Cancel this Order”. 
  4. Select a reason for canceling your order.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. Take a screenshot the cancellation and make sure

    that you are reimbursed for the item(s) if you already purchased them. If you’ve paid through PayPal, your account will automatically be refunded. If you pay through a method other than PayPal, read these instructions .

Buyer: How to cancel and eBay bid

  1. Identify the item number of the product you are bidding on.
  2. Visit the Cancel Bids Placed on your Listing and cancel the bid.

Expert Tip

  • Because all sellers are independent, it is not guaranteed that canceling your eBay order will be simple. In other words, you may need CancelWizard's help when you cancel your eBay order.

If this sounds to difficult or time consuming to pursue, click on the “Cancel Online” button below to work with a cancelation expert at CancelWizard.

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