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How to Sell Books on Ebay

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Selling books on Ebay can be both fun and profitable. I have always loved books and at one time in my life, I wanted to be a librarian just so I could be around books. I then could hold them in my hands. If you are in love with books like I am, then you know that books are the most exciting thing in the world. Many years ago, I discovered that I could escape problems and go into another place and time when I read a book. When I found a autographed book, then that was really exciting because I was holding a book that the author held in his hands and I actually felt a sort of connection to that person. I once even held a book that Mark Twain autographed and I never was so excited about anything in my life than I was at that moment.

I Never became a Librarian but I did work part time in a school library and that only feuled my desire to be a part of books. I loved them! It is strange how I came to sell books on Ebay and it was totally by accident. When I would buy books years ago, they would just sit on a shelf after I finished reading them. I signed up for Ebay and then I realised that I could sell those books that I had sitting on a shelf. I listed a couple of them and was shocked to see them sell almost instantly and for a pretty good price for a used book. I was hooked at that moment. I couldn't believe my fortune. I then discovered that when I went to garage sales, I found some fantastic buys at garage sales. I had been at that time trading in my garage sale finds at a used book store and would take that money and buy more used books at the store. Well, I quit that quickly and started selling my books on ebay. I didn't have a store at that time so I was selling them in auctions and I made a little money that way. I then went to a garage sale where I had picked up a box of books for $2 and I was thrilled to find alot of nice books in that box. I knew the lady who was running the garage sale. She was selling hundreds of books at the garage sale. Their relative who collected books had died and let me tell you, those books were really nice books. She had too high a price on them though for me to buy and as she noticed I had picked up that box, she asked me if I would like to have ALL the books and she said she only wanted $5.00 for all of them. Well, my mouth fell open and I thought I was going to dance around the garage and make a total nut case of myself. I said sure, I will take them. It took 2 trips for me to get all the books and both times, the car was full from top to bottom and front to back. Now, that is ALOT of books but at that time, I had to find a place to store them and figure out how I was going to sell all these books on auction. I had them in corners, in my garage, in closets and in my storage shed. I was not moving very fast in selling these books. I can hear you say "this will never happen to me", well, believe me when I say this to you that it happens very similar to me all the time and I have had some very exciting things happen. When people find out you take books, they will beg you to take them. Most people do not want to mess with books and see them as garbage but they do not even want to mess with getting rid of them. They have no idea the value of a book and when they find out that I will take their books, they call me all the time and tell me I can either come and get them or they even deliver them to me. I have even woke up in the morning and I find boxes of books on my door step. It is a very common thing for me. I then discovered when it was only a year old and I signed up because it said it was FREE and I love the word free. Within just a few hours I had sold 10 books and that was very exciting. I then began to think of a store and it didn't take me long to sign up and I was off selling in a Ebay store too. I am not getting rich but I do love it when I sell a book for $10.00 or more. You see, I usually never pay more than a dime or a quarter for the books I sell and if I find a box of books for $2, One book will make me a big profit. Even better is when that $10.00 sale was from a gift from someone and the $10.00 was clear profit. You see, there is money to be made selling books on and Ebay. I do it part time and the money I make is absolutely more than I could EVER make going out and working at a part-time job. I am also my own boss and I do not have to leave my home and I do not have to pay gasoline to get to work. I do not have to buy any fancy clothes to work with. I do not have to pay day care either. I can get up in the morning and check the computer for any sales overnight. I can have a year round vacation

because this is FUN and not work at all.

Selling on Ebay is easy and fun and now we need to talk about the tools necessary to sell on Ebay. I buy bubble envelopes in different sizes. I buy size 2, 4, 5 and then I buy even a few that are really large but I never use them very often because they are really expensive. I also buy most supplies on Ebay. I buy the envelopes on Ebay and I then also buy some nice boxes from another company or ebay if I can find them there to ship the more expensive books. If I sell a book for $15 or more, then I usually mail it in a box. If it is a hardback, I sometimes will mail those in a envelope but I really do try to mail them in a box for that price that they pay. I always think that I need to protect their book as much as possible. Other items that I buy on Ebay are ink supplies for my printer, bubble wrap to wrap some of my books to give them extra protection. I then buy locally, magic marker pens and I also buy a huge black magic marker to mark out any print I find on some boxes that I might use from my home. You can't mail a box in the mail that has any writing on it. It has to be marked out and the really large magic marker will take care of that with a few swipes. If I sell alot of books in one listing, I try to wrap those in groups of 4 or 5 with bubble wrap to protect them a little better. I use Scotch tape for either storage mailing that I buy locally. I buy the ones with a dispenser. I buy the clear tape and not the strapping tape as it is a little cheaper. I make sure the box it taped securely on bottom and top. I then ship my items most of the time through Paypal. I like the convenience of shipping them through Paypal because I can mail them from home and I like getting delivery confirmation showing that I did ship the product and because of that I am protected through Paypal when someone says they didn't get the product. Paypal does protect the seller in those incidents.

I ship my books Media rate shipping as it is so much cheaper to ship this way. I won't list rates here because the rates are changing constantly with the USPS. I ship them only thru the USPS because it is cheaper than any other source. Make sure that you do not mail anything in the box with the box because the USPS opens the boxes or packages sometimes and if they find anything besides books, they will fine you a huge fine. They will even warn you at the post office that they do open it and check them. I have had mine opened and checked by them and they are doing it because alot of people are mailing other things because of the money they save using media rate.

When you are ready to sell a book on ebay, you can find it is really easy to list it. You list the book under the books category and a box will open up that allows you to list it under a ISBN# This can usually be found on the back of the book just above the UPC. Alot of times, it will come up with a picture and you can use that picture but alot of buyers like to see the actual book so to make points with a buyer. You can easily place the picture on Ebay by uploading the picture from your computer. I place my pictures on my desktop by uploading them from my camera and once I place the picture on Ebay, I delete them from my computer to save space on my computer. You then need to describe your book in detail. It is very important to not sell books that are in bad shape. This will cost you your reputation as a seller. No loose pages, I, personally, do sell a book with a bad Dust Jacket because a Dust Jacket raises the value of a book. The buyer can choose to remove the DJ themselves if they want. I, personally do sell ex-library books, especially older books. Some books are rare even though they might be a ex-library book, but keep in mind that most buyers do not like ex-library books. Just make it clear in your listing that it is a ex-library book. My first mistake as a seller was to sell a ex-library book and not mention it was a library book and when the buyer got it, he left me negative feedback on You need to describe any damage such as moisture damage, mold, musty smell, smoke smell, bent corners on cover, dog eared pages, yellowed pages, tears, stains, scribbles, and sometimes there will be a magic mark on page edge. These marks are usually undesirable to a buyer. Anything you see at all, must be described correctly.

Once your books sells, you must contact a buyer quickly with a invoice. Once they pay, try to mail the book within 24 hours if at all possible. Make sure you leave feedback. I have bought items and I hate it when I have to email them and ask for feedback to be left. I, personally, leave feedback once book has arrived safely and I have been contacted it has been delivered. You choose what is best for you to do. I think it is very important for me personally to make any problem right for a buyer. I consider myself a very honest seller. If I make a mistake in the listing, I will definitely correct my mistake.

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